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Intuition is Razor Sharp

Tomorrow Friday July 7th, 7-11pm at Tarot Society Brooklyn New York
Intuition is Razor Sharp

Go! Push Pops is returning to their old stomping grounds in Bushwick for a witchy ritual art show opening at Tarot Society this Friday. Come #bridgethelove and checkout the full month of programming including a Rebecca Goyette film night with snacks by @AyurvedicMama July 14th, as well as featured performances by UNDAKOVAMantra MundanaKatie Macyshyn,Susannah SimpsonIsis Swaby, Damali Abrams,  Elisa GhsOR NAHKira Melville & Natalia Yovaneartwork above is by Elisa Garcia de la Huerta

R I T U AL & R E M E D I E $ FOR W H EN Y O U R FAN G S A R E H A N G I N G L O W : : : . . : : : M e r m a id friends,  exp e r i m e n t a l E T H ER , Blood M A G I K,  Q U E E R e p h e m e r a, long black ashes,  M A D O N N A S s s s S E R V i N G PRANAYAMA, stix n b o n e s . . . g o l d e n - s h o w e r z,  h i g h ^ v i b r a t i o ns . . . : : :  F E E L S LIKE a n g e l h a i r p asta...  Ss s swerves l i k e D R A K E 
See you Friday July 7th at Tarot Society Brooklyn NYCMondays starting July 10th, 7-8:30pm@Tarot Society
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