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Did you know? Technology

Did you know? Technology.

DId you know that 1 out of ever 8 couples getting married will have met online? Check out these facts about technology in a quick video with some music and open your mind to what is possible in our lifetime and the near future.

Hulu . . . who knew?

So I recently got put on to the website by checking out my friend John Murch's blog. Yep he wrote a post on it and I said "what the hey I might as well see what this is all about" SO I go on the website and guess what? Free TV for you and me and some movie choices as well. I was like "woah what do I want to watch?" They have search engines that give you catergories and what not so you can see what shows you can view and which ones are popular etc. So anyhow I decided I wanted to watch an hour long documentary on Mac geeks called Macheads. It was awesome and brought back many memories. "Wow floppy disk :)" I also watched an old history channel episode about the Sun. "Wow Burning hot Plasma ;)" Anyway seems like a cool innovation in comparison to the normal monthly charge cable programming most of us are use to. Check it out and let me know what you think?

A new year is upon us.

I can't believe it is only two. Not even two months. A Month in some days away from January 1st. I cannot believe a year went by so fast. I learned about twitter on new years I believe or some time close by the beginning of the year. Wow it will be a year since I learned about twitter. How has it enhanced my life? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Has it enhanced my life. What happened this year. I sit in an office as I type in a house and can hear the TV in the other room blasting pretty loud. My girlfriend has been watching TV for the past hour as I have been staring at this computer screen adding books to my wishlist on Then I decided to blog I guess. We had a romantic candle lit dinner. She drank some wine. I ate some sweet cake she made after. And we have been in seperate rooms for the past hour and I am writing about twitter. Hahah that just seems funny to me. Why? Well I don't know. The internet, meeting people, love, connection. Somehow it all comes together in …

5 minute Startup Ideas. What's your startup?

I recently met John Murch at a game of Cashflow 101 this past Tuesday. If you didn't know, I host a group called Rich Dad's NYC Cashflow 101 where we play a board game that increases our financial IQ in but so many words. If you want to know more about it you can always go to Rich Dad's NYC Cashflow 101 John mentioned he wrote a blog and I went on it today and seen a few cool post that he had written recently.
One post on John's blog that stuck out was a blog post about Business Start-ups. If you want to see it you can check it out here at John Murch's Blog In a nut shell I am writing this all to let you see what my comment was to John's blog. So here it is:

I am inspired to take a crack at one or two startups "off the brain" right now.
My top 3 startups would be
1. Willpowa (biased cause I am starting this now) a company designed for helping poor artist increase there passive income high enough to live the lifestyle of their choice off of the…