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Care about Us- Review by Georges Drouet

Seven years ago...
I was at the front beach, in Cannes, during the MIDEM, the internationally known music fair.
A man, young and tall, was talking with Annabelle, the anchor of the show I was organizing.
It was the end of the day and, in February, even on the Southern shores of France, the wind was biting and David wearing a single T-shirt was shaking.
I gave him my jacket and he borrowed me his mp3 player.

"These are my songs!" he told me, so I put the headphones...

Since then, seven years ago, I have been listening David's compositions.

His songs, his voice, his arrangements have something that can't be explained by words, because words are signs while David's songs are vibrations, feelings, colors.

David's songs are a mix of emotions wisely adjusted and masterly fine tuned to reach precises note and create surprises.

When I hear his melodies, I know they are exactly what I have been waiting for, hoping for, desiring.

I know your songs David and I still get surprised…

Born Again Lyrics

Born Again
by Undakova

I will live my life with love
No I won't be born again
Enlighten my mind with love
No I won't be born again
I believe we're made of the same stuff
That the stars and the galaxies are made of
Nothing dies but returns where it came from
See the light rise? what you afraid of
Levitate like a dove when I meditate
Yep I am generate love when I am feeling great
Choose my destination then I set a straight
course. Then I move with the force never hesitate
Take me straight to the source
I am tired of men trying to be the boss
The moment you win that's when you really loss
Repeat life over again that's the cost
Following your shadow
you'll hardly floss
Your breath is the saddle
your body is the horse
Your mind is the scenery
that comes from your thoughts
So focus your dreams
and you'll never be lost
Keep it positive
I will live my life with love
No I won't be born again nooo
Enlighten my mind with love
No I won't be born again
Everybody we gone rock to the b…