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Undakova Vs Today

Today I woke up a bit early for me. It was around 11pm when I decided to head out to my balcony and do some meditation, breathing and a bit of yoga. If I start my day doing meditation rather than heading on the computer and checking my emails my day is always a bit more calm centered and well organized. The weather was beautiful and the view from my balcony was amazing. I seen the clouds come toward me from a distance almost as if they were waiting for me to wake up before they started rolling over my head. Nothing major though it was spectacular outside. I was going to go for a walk to the seaport and check out the body exhibition but I knew I had to work to do. I got to it. Set up my microphone and my computer and began recording a track called :Not that kind: produced by JD73 out of London. The song should be dope. After a few takes I fixed some spegetti and salad as well as two slices of garlic bread and chilled for a bit. Checked my email and myspace and banking and all that inte…

Undakova Vs The present

Presently I am at home typing on a blog which I decided was something cool to do after meeting a fellow blogger Kate from Aussie town. I am presently noticing that it is practically day light and I just got home from Djing. I am going to have to head back out to gain some groceries that are needed here at home. It will be mothers day morning once I get back home from shopping for bread and veggies. Well much has been happening. A friend of mine Trevor has been sleeping on my floor due to his situation these days. Life isn't easy and it certainly isn't easy if you can't lean on a friend every now and then for support. Trevor has been a blessing to have around and has helped me in several ways thus far. He left me with a though last night about appreciating my mother because he lost his mother at 10 years old. Well on that note I am going to head to get stuff done I have to be in tip top shape and positively charged these days. Gotta run.

I am not trying to Blog

Ok a friend of mine Eboni is going to Africa and using this blog to communicate with us here in NYC> This is the only reason why I am on this friggin thing. Didn't mean to blog you. SOrry if you happened to have read this. Happy New Year by the way. One