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When Barefoot Jungle Paradise Calls..

Holistic Hip Hop Renown conscious hip hop artist/composer UNDAKOVA teaches based in the 5 Elements of Holistic Hip Hop, including adult cyphers (sacred circle) utilizing sound and vibration to create layered soundscapes, simple vocal percussion and righteous rhymes to unlock authentic vocal expression & movement. So you can move beyond any obstacles and manifest your wishes effortlessly. 
About UNDAKOVA Daily Astral Beast YogaA contemporary constellation of Hatha, Vinyasa & Kundalini styles honoring female power based in ancient Shakti cosmology. Release and let go of overwhelm and sync into nature and the natural rhythms of your environment. 

What is Hip Hop Yoga? -High Prieztezz 0r_Nah

 WHAT IS HIP HOP YOGA ? If you're like UNDAKOVA, you may have witnessed first hand the social and cultural toll the extremes of global-capitalism and the “American Dream” have taken on communities, particularly urban black families. Part of the inspiration of our work as Hip Hop Yogis is calling a hault to the madness of overconsumption, alienation and lack. While in his youth UNDAKOVA saw his teenage posse poised to rise to fame as the next “it” boys, for over a decade the artist went ghost as he indulged in self-realization work, eventually, emerging as a pioneering leader of the fusion of Hip Hop and Yoga with his now partner, Or Nah. Influenced personally by Vipassana meditation, the Bagua map of Daoist cosmology and Zen Baoding balls, today a major part of the UNDAKOVA Hip Hop yoga mission and his service as an artist involves “remedying a world in which many have lost touch with their true nature and ability to practice self-authority and authentic self-expression.”

By the s…

Digital Detox in Thailand

Got Digital Detox? Read Or Nah's The Importance of Digital Detox to learn why "time off grid" isn't just a Luxury anymore... READHolistic Hip Hop 
Renown conscious hip hop artist/composerUNDAKOVA teaches based in the 5 Elements of Holistic Hip Hop, including adult cyphers (sacred circle) utilizing sound and vibration to create layered soundscapes,  simple vocal percussion and righteous rhymes to unlock authentic vocal expression & movement.

Why Suwana Love's Hip Hop Yoga

#WAKEUP I just woke up to a blessed reflection about our very own Hip Hop Yogi Suwana check out her Tai Rap video in the link below.

"Hey fam, I know a lot of us are dreaming up our plans for the year and I thought I'd put this amazing opportunity on your radar.. Yo! Yogi is a 10 day hip hop/ yoga retreat in Why Nam (best Thai beach spot i've been to hehe) and it is an amazing and transformative experience! I went last year and it really did shift my existence. I am happy to share more if you want to hear my story! For me, it was so powerful to unplug from technology for 10 days and really pour into myself/ tap in. Get still, open up, get real with myself.. connect with the beautiful people and earth around me. We had a beautiful yoga session every day as well as connective, raw hip hop workshops in the afternoons. Plus, other cool lil things like labyrinth meditations, tarot readings, ecstatic dance, body clay rituals, etc. David and Katie, aka Undakova and Or Nah are humble…

Vitamix Hip Hop Yoga Visual Album is here.

We just dropped the Vitamix Ep. Get in the mix and experience the miracles by clicking the image below. 

Money Ain’t Everything
Ganesha Ganesha
I Think I can

Retreat Recharge and Heal

I’ve been living in New York for 40 years, it is very easy to get distracted here.
That is why my partner High Prieztezz and I are adamant about retreating into nature annually.
Our Yo!Yogi Retreat helps us focus on self love and prioritizing our health as well as support ourselves and others in scheduling time to focus and recenter.

If you are looking for an opportunity to increase your commitment to daily spiritual hygiene & bodily awareness join us and de-stress on a 10-DAY immersive retreat into the crystalline quartz sand
beaches of sweet, juicy and magical Thailand

The Yo!Yogi retreat is founded upon the theme of transmuting fear and negativity into love. Based on the the archetype of Kali the Hindu Goddess also known as the dark earth mother, and represented through ISIS and the Black Madonna in many areas of the world. During the retreat we facilitate creative problem solving and project development using our Mojo (M.editative O.rganized J.oy O.ptimized)
to propel us in hel…

Undakova on the Power of Hip Hop Yoga -Ezine

A Message from UNDAKOVAHIP HOP YOGI & Creative-Director at ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS I often get requests from artists and radical creatives for spiritual & professional guidance.
As a native New Yorker, I’m naturally attuned to what can be some high velocity and at times staggeringly heartbreaking vicissitudes of culture, industry and economy.

As I’ve come into my role as co-creative director at ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS, the Urban Mystery Skool I opened in 2016 with my beloved partner High Prieztezz Or Nah, I've begun to have a mentorship relationship a few select people... and realize how much I really love to inspire artists’ visionary, cosmic and professional goals. I’m divinely led to do this work for myself and good at it too! One woman I worked with in Thailand was clueless about how she could confidently speak about her practice and share it with a community that both intrigued and intimidated her. 
I connected with her fears through a conversation about it and gave some point…

EVERY WOMAN BIENNIAL Sunday Between 1-7pm- Event

DROP BY AT 1PM May 19th FOR THE WHITNEY HOUSTON FLASH MOB! Featuring work by High Prieztezz Or Nah, Swoon, Mickalene Thomas, Marilyn Minter & More!

5 Top Mistakes Creatives May be doing wrong- Ebook

Co-create the Magic With UsThe Top 5 Things Creatives May Be Doing Wrong + An Invitation to Be Empowered and Collaborate with UltraCultural Others Co-Create Magic with UsThe Top 5 Things creatives may be doing wrong

I just got off the phone with a Visual artist who is coming on the Yo!Yogi Retreat with us in Thailand this June.
She had an awesome question for me – and I wanted to share my answers with you.
She asked:
“Why can't artist find the time and money to retreat and recharge to then begin creating their best work?
. . . what would you say are the five things creatives are doing wrong?”
Wow! That was a major question that I thought spoke to a lot of challenges. Here is my answer to the question with this TOP 5 . 5 - Forgetting the #1 basic rule of thumb: Creative energy and sexual energy come from the same source.
Creating a healthy lifestyle that supports your art, business and ideal lifestyle takes this energy (ie MOJO.)
Going out on late nights, not getting enough s…