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Look Around

"I seen it Like a 27-inch Zenith, believe it"- Raekwon

California Fires lyrics By Undakova

I just wrote some heat to that "Waiting for the rains to come" chorus
we going in?DEC 7TH, 2:15PM

Send me an audio text, I wanna hear it bro!

thank you so much bro. Glad you are interested
I am off to work in 5 minutes but I think I can squeeze in a moment
I went a bit off into my own philosophy on things for a moment but It overall inspired me to get out my emotions and be creative
damn actually I got to run out of here to be on time for these kids I am teaching Hip Hop and yoga with. DEC 7TH, 11:26PM

sorry i missed your calls, i don't have Messenger
no worries. I had to get in the wind and head to classSAT 12:19PM
Hey brother I got your message. Been on the move finishing up the last days of my school year with the youth. ALso had an event last night. And over all have been preparing for a possible karmic debt looming over my home life. But you inspired me to write in the midst of all that so I definitely want to share what I wrote when things settle down. Sending you…

Astrology for the Soul December 20, 2017

Cheers to the Workers (originally published 2016)

Cheers to the workers.
The student loan people who call you on the phone.  The cashiers at Trader Joes.  The gentleman who made sure my direct deposit went through.  The social workers, interns and faculty I work with in the high schools.  The security the doormen and women who are my friends and family and text me daily. 
The older gentleman that happily cleans the building even though the dust keeps piling high with construction every day. (Wilson)
Cheers to the workers.  The bus driver who stepped out of the driver's seat on the bus and said 
"I will stop this bus if those kids don't stop running around like this bus is a playground”  The mother who was doing her best to make sure her kids didn't misbehave on the bus 
and finally decided to take them off the bus and walk in order to teach them a lesson about the consequences of not behaving. 
Reminded me of my mom and how hard she worked to make sure her family was good and happy every day, especially during the holidays.  To m…

This album is a love letter to Planet Earth

Yemanjo proudly presents "Pachamama", a musical love letter to Planet Earth. The gifts that Mother Nature bestows are free, so this album is made available for FREE DOWNLOAD at…/sets/pachamama-konn-recordings If you feel called to make a donation you can do so via the Artist Union (soundcloud link above)
or Bandcamp here: This album was recorded in three languages in five countries over two and a half years. I'm incredibly grateful to all those who lent their talents and dedication. All songs written and sung by Ben Harris
Production by Mixwell, Srikala, Lagartijeando, Scott Nice and Biomigrant
Mastering by Sergio Brentan, Fluxfield Studio, Brazil
Additional mixing and mastering by Christian Sanchez, RED studio, Mexico
Additional recording by Benjamin Last, Thor-Harris Partridge and Mose Cagen
Cover art by Isa Byrna (Mariposa Galactica)
Album design by Alejandro Echandia
Released 12/12/17 by KONN R…

A bit on HOW WE GOT HERE (the internet)

🍵🎁💜 The Naked Truth -UNDAKOVA ENTERPRISES 😍🌟🌈