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#Dear Haiti the Song encoded into 17 different formats for 40 different companies

Wow who would of thought that inspiration could go on for this long and flow this far. I am excited to see what this song will bring into the world and hearts of many. Sometimes you just have to create and let the rest take care of itself one step at a time. What a blessing.

Please be the first to review this song by going to "Dear Haiti download page"

PS may this song make a difference in the lives of those who hear it and share it. Peace and Love

Yours Truly

The Beatards, Loki da Trixta, Chaz Kangas & WeStoleTheShow at South Paw in Brooklyn

This Sunday I am going to be rocking out with some of the best in the Hip Hop Underground scene here in NYC and beyond. Check out the details.

Start Time:
Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Monday, May 3, 2010 at 3:00am
125 5th Avenue

THE BEATARDS are one of the dopest groups in NYC right now. Fresh off being a featured artist at 2010 SxSW many agree they are on the verge of BIG things. The three eclectic innovators: DJ O, Chuck Wild and UTK the INC, started the popular MIXTAPE RIOT! parties and continue to pump out bass heavy party style tunes using elements from many genres and their diverse backgrounds.

The Beatards Website

LOKI DA TRIXTA is always on the move, known for rocking all over the world and connecting with cutting edge musicians from Chile to Poland. In 2009 he released the EP Electrograph with a Polish producer as The Breadmakerz. This is his last show in NYC before leaving on a 3 month trip to India and Africa.

Loki Da Trixsta's Website


The only physical CD copy left of "Acknowledgement 365"

There are a limited of copies of the new Undakova Cd featuring the song “Dear Haiti” due to the recent performance at the International Hip Hop Festival at Trinity College. Be sure to get a copy of yours "Acknowledgement 365" CD sent to you from this link.

I would love to send you a personal acknowledgement for your participation in my life and assisting me in fulfilling my dreams. You deserve this CD as much as I deserve sending it to you.

Get your copy here.

Or email me at "" and let me know where you would like me to mail your CD. Its that simple but its more important than ever so make it happen now.

Undakova Live Freestyle at Sin Sin (9:00 Undakova) (53:00 Undakova), (155:00 Undakova), (202:00 Undakova)

This is what I do on Monday nights on some occasions when I am in the city. . . hilariousness, love and music. Its late, were tired, but we are a family and we keep going strong. 10yrs Happy Birthday to Mariella and Sin Sin. Peace to Rabbi D, Hired G, Milk Money, Broke MC, Dialect, ILLspoKinn, Archie, Chaz Kangas, Presence, Crazy E, Mikal, Tah Phrum Duh Bush, The beatboxer from Chec, Rogue Pop band, and crowd.

April 9th with Self Suffice and KRS-ONE


How did I become the Fresh PRince of Bill Gates Zen Master EBOOK HAS ARRIVED!

I can't believe it. I finally compiled an ebook of all of the lyrics I have created until this date. I am so excited. Now you can witness songs before I have even created them fully in the studio. THis is a real breakthrough for me and I am so excited to share this with you. Hope you enjoy. Check out the link here How did I become the Fresh Prince of Bill Gates Zen Master Ebook