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Support the women and children around the globe.

Are you a radical visionary looking to schedule more time for yoga, meditation. and consistent spiritual hygiene so you can continue to evolve into your highest self?

I have a solution that solves the problem of creatives like you not have the time, money and energy it takes to be self reliant and able to work on said spiritual activation.

"Having a safe secure J.O.B. will always leave you J.ust O.ver B.roke. You will always have slightly just over your monthly expenses.
What if you could earn more money than your current expenses (and unforeseen expenses) with meaningful work doing what you love?

Work to learn something that will bring you closer to your ideal version of you."

Working with a nonprofit organization that aligns with your practice is one way an artist can afford to live but also keep in alignment with their path.

I've incorporates this strategy into his own practice by working with BEAT Global.
"Beat Global is a Long Island City nonprofit that p…

Sacred Sounds @ the Maui Arts & Cultural Center with Steven Tyler & SunD...