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I am seconds away from completing a final piece of deleting all of the songs I use to DJ and listen to. All 9000 songs. Phew. One click away

New York Netmix Music Meetup

Have you ever walked under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn's DUMBO looking for other musicians, producers and other people in the music industry trying to learn as much about music making they can, in order to do as much of it as they can? Last night along with my partner Mikyoung I found myself searching for a door within the infamous Rebar (a local watering hole in DUMBO) that would lead us to the area where the meetup called Netmix was taking place. A lil after 7pm around 10 "music makers" where gathering to discuss what we were facing as obstacles in our quest to make music and sharing ideas for others who were there to share similar ups and downs. The space was set up in a round table sort of way with snacks and drinks in order to be helpful and spark insights and information so everyone could leave expressing what they were doing, what they loved and didn't love about the process for the benefit of the whole group. Netmix even had two guest speakers who have …
I just saw my first double rainbow here in Brooklyn.
Headed to the final #sinsin retweet if you are headed to the final #freestylemonday

A Change Will Come

A Change Will Come

A Change Will Come
By Undakova
A change will come (you know that I can't change a thing")
Repeat 4x
Life is it full of pain.
OR is it just me
being full again.
Consumed all I want
and then I pulled the pen,
out talking bout
all that's cruel within.
Deep down inside
I know I am the blame.
Duck down and hide
just cause I am ashamed.
To open my eyes
and find I am the same.
Just lusting for pride
in which I am contained.
The focus that I
know that I can bring,
would lift me up high
If I tried and aimed.
Although I realize
I decide the frame,
I picture my life
still confined and tame.
A lion in a cage
stuck in iron and chains.
An animal whose taught
that supplying the brain.
Is better than the instincts
that lie in veins
of the body and the soul
that I am dying to change. . . cause
A change will come (you know that I can't change a thing") Repeat 4x
I could change my perspective
But if I did it would change nothing about the way I really feel
"What can you do right now to begin to turn your life around? The very first thing is to start making a list of things to be grateful for."— Dr. Joe Vitale: Motivational author and speaker
Is it me or did it just hail storm and flood the streets of Brooklyn. Wowzers. I mean floods.
is it me or did Fela Kuti's album title go from being "Fear of a Black President" to being re-released as "Best of a Black President"?