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Too Late to Apologize, Kanye West and Taylor Swift

TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE!!! [Kanye West and Taylor Swift] Ask iJ #17

Ok for real. I mean is this staged this whole Kanye West Tailor Bo-Peep thing or what? I mean for real everyone is still talking about it and to tell you the truth so am I. I am even having dreams about it. I was in a falafal spot in brooklyn yesterday and heard Taylor Swift on the radio and stopped my iphone to Shazam it and figure out who it was. It was friggin Taylor Swift. Dang all I am saying is this was the biggest publicity stunt known to man. Kanye on Leno, Taylor on the View. Whose balls are you massaging? pardon my french but mine are feeling ultra moist right now. Especially now that you have my home girl iJustine in on the inside joke. Ok VMAs Ok media we got it. YOu want us to pay attention to the people you pay to be on your little screen and get off of our computers . .. . excuse that last stayment. . . .not get off of our computers and download there music as well as blog about em on a little youtubes (ak…

What do you know about "The Last Dragon"

The Last Dragon favorite movie of all time

For some reason this movie sticks out in my mind as one of the main 80s movies that impacted my character and love for movie magic. Other movies such as the terminator or perhaps BIG with Tom Hanks or some Disney Classics where also movies that shaped my life as well as love for the VCR. Hmm so I just wanted to post this as I got that warm glow in my heart noticing how much I love this movie and "DADDY GREENZ PIZZA" LOL This movie was a friggin classic. Hands down. I am waiting to be casted in the hip hop remake with Busta Rhymes as Shownuff. Holla

A BIG "Thank you" To everyone on this list

In no particular order, equipped with spelling errors, and with no disregard to how special each of these people are mentioned below. This is the list of people who were on speed dial on my phone and txt who made my summer what it was and made my life the blessing that it truly was this year. Much love and respect. If you are not on this list and you know you made an impact on my life, know that you are in my heart and prayers and I send the most soulful and gracious thanks to you and yours. Enjoy your FALL and once again thanks for an amazing Summer and new year. Peace oh yeah and check the song Thank You . . .and let me know what you think

Randy Bowen,
DJ Lexey,
Bisc One,
Nick Howard,
Lisa Bergman,
Wise Guy,
Marcus Hill,
Charley Hustle,
Diana Ferrante,
Mike Duncley,
Darleen Wall,
Brett Leboff,
Eija Finland,
Stacy Berman,
Micah Ross,
Ivan Horne,
Al Bass,
Mike Notar,
Turahn Whitfield,
Caitlin Everett,