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Thursday Thought: Do not wait

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By Undakova

Connect to your breath
It’s the best way to ease ya stress
Leave the rest up to your intention
Attention never wanders
Staying focus upon the
never on the
Voices in ya head bringing drama
Forces of the dead living horror
Choices that were spread through ya karma
Leaving you further away from Nirvana
And the more that you relax and ease back you insight help you see the light
From the floor tail bone to back
chess neck to the head when you breathing right
Comfort when you sleep at night
No thoughts of the demon type
Monsters in the midst that reduce your bliss
prevent you from taking risk
When its seeming like
You're close to your dreams ,
close to your goal
Each moment you bring
is molding your soul
The more that you change
the more you control
From within ya frame
a story unfolds
You already told yourself
Nobody knows til you grow yourself
To the person that you wanna be
Cause inside of you another seed
And with the right condition you can change your reality
all you needs to

Open u…

Do you want to throw in the towel?