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Sometimes ya Parents Ain't Always Right

Parents Ain't always Right Louder Version
This song was inspired by a book I read recently. Check the music out and below are the words. Would love to hear your feedback.
Parents Ain't Always Right
By Undakova
Sometimes ya parents ain't always right 7x
So be who you are you gotta live your life

Your parents did the best that they could
Using knowledge that they gained from their own childhood
It may seem now that they became adults
You could feel responsible for feelings they felt
Now hows that?
Trying to influence how you act
My mom makes me feel guilty if I don't call back
And that's a fact
But its moms. I love her to death so I stay calm
But its little things like this that over time cause harm
Don't follow your soul, heart or faith
Cause deep inside you might think that you'll make a mistake
And your parents will say «see I told you so»
Or «you're going to make me have a heart attack if you go»
Oh no its another guilt trip session
I hope your not old b…