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Zip Car, Raw Food, and Satelite Radio

Well well. Things have been amazing. The full moon energy has really shot me out of a cannon leading me into all sorts of circumstances to gain higher knowledge and spirituality. Lately I have been waking up at 4:30am every morning in order to deliver raw foods to some of New York Cities finest. I have been driving and watching the sunrise each time as I listen to my favorite Satellite Radio Station. XM 84 Chill. Its the only station I know that has commercials in it that encourage you to "relax and release all negativity" I guess staying on this sort of route has closed a few doors such as djing really late every night and staying up past 3am but it has opened doors that have been well worth the transition in schedule. For instance I have been able to Zip Car through the city so much at an early hour that I was asked to participate in some ZipCar journalism that will soon be available online due to journalist Emma Johnson in May. Wow! Yup and I also got the privilege to hel…