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Cheers to the workers

Cheers to the workers.
The student loan people who call you on the phone.  The cashiers at Trader Joes.  The gentleman who made sure my direct deposit went through.  The social workers, interns and faculty I work with in the high schools.  The security the doormen and women who are my friends and family and text me daily. 
The older gentleman that happily cleans the building even though the dust keeps piling high with construction every day. (Wilson)
Cheers to the workers.  The bus driver who stepped out of the driver's seat on the bus and said 
"I will stop this bus if those kids don't stop running around like this bus is a playground”  The mother who was doing her best to make sure her kids didn't misbehave on the bus 
and finally decided to take them off the bus and walk in order to teach them a lesson about the consequences of not behaving. 
Reminded me of my mom and how hard she worked to make sure her family was good and happy every day, especially during the holidays.  To …

Appetite For Change is doing it it!

Appetite For Change is a North Minneapolis nonprofit organization that uses food as a tool to build health, wealth and social change.

Directed By Chancellor Tha Beast in collaboration with Beats & Rhymes, "Grow Food" is the culminating project of Appetite For Change's Summer 2016 Youth Employment & Training Program. Urban Youth wanted to share their message - the importance of actively choosing healthy foods - with their peers in a fun, accessible music format. At AFC, we believe that youth are the truth. We hope this song will inspire you to explore new ways to eat, cook and grow food.

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NYC students are invited to four Moveable Game Jams as part of the Games for Change Student Challenge, a game design program for middle and high school students. Come meet professional game designers and civic leaders, and learn how to make games. Each Game Jam will be hosted in a different borough with activities facilitated by organizations leading the way on coding, STEM, game making and social justice! 

The G4C Student Challenge is a digital game design competition that invites middle and high school students to create original games about real-world issues impacting their communities. The 2016-2017 program will be run in NYC, Dallas, and Pittsburgh public schools. Challenge winners win prizes such as paid internships and mentorships. An awards ceremony and exhibition of student games will be hosted in each city. Student learning and teacher PD is supported by online resources, in-person mentorship by professional game designers, game jams and workshops. Through the Challenge’s han…

Undakova Update: Happy Holidays