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Learning How to Read and Write Hangul

Learn Korean - Learn How to Read and Write Hangul

So I am officially learning Korean for the first time. I have began reading a scholarly book called "Korean for Dummies." Korean for dummies is a great title right? For me it is because this book is not only teaching me about Korean culture and language but I am actually reminding my brain about vowels, consonants, verbs and other grammar rules and principals that have long been forgotten as far as my english us is concerned.
This is a quote from Korean for dummies. Eh hem "Formal english is coming to a slow demise. The few times that we ever hear or use it is in situations that we'd rather avoid. . . " The Wiley "For Dummies" Brand surely knows there audience id say.
Anyhoo back to my Korean quest. Yes, I have also got my hands on Rosetta Stone Korean 1-2- and 3 software. This language product might cost over $500 dollars might I add. Is it worth it? Well let's just say I love it! so far, b…

Did you know? Technology

Did you know? Technology.

DId you know that 1 out of ever 8 couples getting married will have met online? Check out these facts about technology in a quick video with some music and open your mind to what is possible in our lifetime and the near future.

Hulu . . . who knew?

So I recently got put on to the website by checking out my friend John Murch's blog. Yep he wrote a post on it and I said "what the hey I might as well see what this is all about" SO I go on the website and guess what? Free TV for you and me and some movie choices as well. I was like "woah what do I want to watch?" They have search engines that give you catergories and what not so you can see what shows you can view and which ones are popular etc. So anyhow I decided I wanted to watch an hour long documentary on Mac geeks called Macheads. It was awesome and brought back many memories. "Wow floppy disk :)" I also watched an old history channel episode about the Sun. "Wow Burning hot Plasma ;)" Anyway seems like a cool innovation in comparison to the normal monthly charge cable programming most of us are use to. Check it out and let me know what you think?

A new year is upon us.

I can't believe it is only two. Not even two months. A Month in some days away from January 1st. I cannot believe a year went by so fast. I learned about twitter on new years I believe or some time close by the beginning of the year. Wow it will be a year since I learned about twitter. How has it enhanced my life? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Has it enhanced my life. What happened this year. I sit in an office as I type in a house and can hear the TV in the other room blasting pretty loud. My girlfriend has been watching TV for the past hour as I have been staring at this computer screen adding books to my wishlist on Then I decided to blog I guess. We had a romantic candle lit dinner. She drank some wine. I ate some sweet cake she made after. And we have been in seperate rooms for the past hour and I am writing about twitter. Hahah that just seems funny to me. Why? Well I don't know. The internet, meeting people, love, connection. Somehow it all comes together in …

5 minute Startup Ideas. What's your startup?

I recently met John Murch at a game of Cashflow 101 this past Tuesday. If you didn't know, I host a group called Rich Dad's NYC Cashflow 101 where we play a board game that increases our financial IQ in but so many words. If you want to know more about it you can always go to Rich Dad's NYC Cashflow 101 John mentioned he wrote a blog and I went on it today and seen a few cool post that he had written recently.
One post on John's blog that stuck out was a blog post about Business Start-ups. If you want to see it you can check it out here at John Murch's Blog In a nut shell I am writing this all to let you see what my comment was to John's blog. So here it is:

I am inspired to take a crack at one or two startups "off the brain" right now.
My top 3 startups would be
1. Willpowa (biased cause I am starting this now) a company designed for helping poor artist increase there passive income high enough to live the lifestyle of their choice off of the…

FREE Financial Planning for our generation

Hello again. So it turns out that the we are coming up to a year in the Obama Admin' and several things have remained the same. For example.
Have you heard of any new financial news about this recession we are supposed to be in? Did any one figure out what to do with all of those forclosed homes? Did we figure out what to do with those car companies that were going under? Is america dealing with Wall st. . . .I mean I remember at the beginning of the year we were on "strike" down on wall st? What about the issue with health care? The poor? The war? Where is our money going? Are we still the biggest consumer credit card culture that will have its wrath on the shopping malls this christmas? Is our spending healing or hurting our future generations to come? All in all how are we planning for our own personal financial future's? Or are we just planning on rent getting lower and health care being affordable soon. . .or better yet our 401k's and good old fashion corpor…

Can somebody say Amen

After a week of seeing different people come in our house and leave our house with smiles on there faces still our sublet process is not complete. I wake up today and meditate my stress's away. Well most of em.
Yesterday I spent all day working on a proposal for a school in Washington heights who seem to be interested in having an after-school program formulated by my company Willpowa. Weeks went by and I spent my days working on music and completing songs in the studio only to leave the proposal writing up to a trusted friend and fellow mc. Suffice to say it never got completed due to my energy being scattered amongst recording and subleting my place. Not to mention being a good boyfriend through the process. So turns out my friends from the UK want to look over it this weekend so I will have to submit the proposal in a bit late anyhow but hopefully with more spunk than it had in the first place.
Anyway lets just say the only thing that helped me from not having a nervous breakdown…

Too Late to Apologize, Kanye West and Taylor Swift

TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE!!! [Kanye West and Taylor Swift] Ask iJ #17

Ok for real. I mean is this staged this whole Kanye West Tailor Bo-Peep thing or what? I mean for real everyone is still talking about it and to tell you the truth so am I. I am even having dreams about it. I was in a falafal spot in brooklyn yesterday and heard Taylor Swift on the radio and stopped my iphone to Shazam it and figure out who it was. It was friggin Taylor Swift. Dang all I am saying is this was the biggest publicity stunt known to man. Kanye on Leno, Taylor on the View. Whose balls are you massaging? pardon my french but mine are feeling ultra moist right now. Especially now that you have my home girl iJustine in on the inside joke. Ok VMAs Ok media we got it. YOu want us to pay attention to the people you pay to be on your little screen and get off of our computers . .. . excuse that last stayment. . . .not get off of our computers and download there music as well as blog about em on a little youtubes (ak…

What do you know about "The Last Dragon"

The Last Dragon favorite movie of all time

For some reason this movie sticks out in my mind as one of the main 80s movies that impacted my character and love for movie magic. Other movies such as the terminator or perhaps BIG with Tom Hanks or some Disney Classics where also movies that shaped my life as well as love for the VCR. Hmm so I just wanted to post this as I got that warm glow in my heart noticing how much I love this movie and "DADDY GREENZ PIZZA" LOL This movie was a friggin classic. Hands down. I am waiting to be casted in the hip hop remake with Busta Rhymes as Shownuff. Holla

A BIG "Thank you" To everyone on this list

In no particular order, equipped with spelling errors, and with no disregard to how special each of these people are mentioned below. This is the list of people who were on speed dial on my phone and txt who made my summer what it was and made my life the blessing that it truly was this year. Much love and respect. If you are not on this list and you know you made an impact on my life, know that you are in my heart and prayers and I send the most soulful and gracious thanks to you and yours. Enjoy your FALL and once again thanks for an amazing Summer and new year. Peace oh yeah and check the song Thank You . . .and let me know what you think

Randy Bowen,
DJ Lexey,
Bisc One,
Nick Howard,
Lisa Bergman,
Wise Guy,
Marcus Hill,
Charley Hustle,
Diana Ferrante,
Mike Duncley,
Darleen Wall,
Brett Leboff,
Eija Finland,
Stacy Berman,
Micah Ross,
Ivan Horne,
Al Bass,
Mike Notar,
Turahn Whitfield,
Caitlin Everett,

LOOT and UNDAKOVA @ Fat Baby on Friday Night

LOOT is set to perform at FATBABY with Undakova

Oh my lord. Dro and Kova have done it again and BURN IT DOWN MUSIC GROUP has combined with UNDAKOVA WILLPOWA to create a show that will give you what you need early Friday night. We at Fat Baby and we not only bringing you LOOT with a live band. We are also giving you a grown and sexy affair with COLLEEN who will do an acoustic set and I am not even going to mention yours truly is cooking up a song or two that you haven't heard yet. Yes there is more but you can check out the flyer and furthermore make sure you are at Fat Baby at 7pm when the doors open and keeping a ear to where the after party is going to be at after 12pm. Ok no more secrets. . . they don't call this site undakova's secrets for nothing. The after party is at Kion Lounge 509 east 6th st btween ave A-B this Friday. Say "Willpowa" for reduced admission ya heard!

Hmm so what else can I say? What else do you want to know? Check the video and see ya on Fr…

Monday Rat Race, Tuesday Financial Freedom.

As a kid, did you love playing Monopoly? As an adult, do you yearn to get out of the 'rat race' and on to the 'fast track' to have more time for fun and games? Are you available at 6:30pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month?
[caption id="attachment_409" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="NYC Cash Flow Meetup"][/caption]

August 18th tomorrow I will be joining other 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' fans in NYC for two hours of educational, healthy competition as we meetup to play Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow 101 board game. Amateurs, daytraders, real estate agents, business professionals, entrepreneurs, aspiring 4-hour workweek socialites...all welcome. RSVP at

The board game is really easy to learn and play instantly and you will learn a bit about your financial literacy saavy and improve on your money skills and financial genius as your go around the rat race using a miniture "rat piece" and pl…

knows if you are real fan then you would read this

you have been in support of me for a long time. We shared loving moments and a few laughs as we've grown. But we have grown a bit distant right? As time moved on no longer have our dreams coincided as they once did in our past. Maybe your wish for me and my success has not quite yet been fulfilled whatever it might be. SO WHAT? You are still in the UNDAKOVA Fan page and guess what? I am going to still keep hollaring at you and letting you know what the deal is presently. And hopefully before the rest of the friggin world knows you will have known through this page and our connection! ya got that?!! hahaha. So check it you BEAUTIFUL BEING YOU!

I am on some Willpowa ish. ( I have been for a while. Its making me crazy and an underground nerd all the time but hopefully it will prove to help more people than myself in the near future.

Also I am having a little gathering of artist and creative minds on Saturday August 1st after my BIRTHDAY July 31st. (birthday wishes…

19' Life Altering Hip Hop Albums of 96'

In no particular order here are the albums on 1996 that changed my life. Actually I am bumping Nas "It was written" while I type this. But with out further or due here are the albums.

Undakova's Life Altering Hip Hop Albums of 96
The Fugees- The Score
Jay Z- Reasonable Doubt
The Roots- Illadelph Halflife
Mobb Deep- Hell on Earth
Busta Rhymes-The Coming
De La Soul- The Stakes it High
Exhibit- At the speed of Life
2 Pac- All eyes on Me
2 Pac- Makevelli
Dr Octagon- Dr Octagonecologyst
Snoop Dogg- The Dogfather
Keith Murray- Enigma
M.O.P- Firing Squad
Ghost Face- Iron Man
Akinyele- Put it in your mouth
Lil Kim- Hardcore
Red Man- Muddy Waters
Ras Kass- Soul on Ice
Nas- It was written

If you want easy access to my latest Undakova secret video, blogs, music and updates then add Undakova on your IPHONE and get the new Undakova Iphone application.

Getting in the Astrology Zone

Hey there,
Hows it going now that retrograde has ended in the month of May for you?. Wait let me rephrase that because retrograde has not ended. It will end on June 7th. Yes I am into astrology and I have been keeping abreast of Mercury Retrograde and the latest with my Saturn Return since 2003 or so. Why well let me tell you how it all got started first.
My dad was also a leo so I was brought up being aware of that particular astrological sign I was and how it created my personality and attributes. My family would comment "oh you are just like your dad in that way" and knowing we were both Leo's helped me understand "what way" they were referring to. Later on as I got older at the age of 21 I met a young lady in a bar who was sort of obsessed with Leo's and she said "you are a leo I can tell and I can tell you all about yourself" I was curious and found out more about my sign through our friendship. By the year 2003 I lastly remembered being on…

3 of the Best Music Sites I know created by good people

hi again. Its me reporting to you from the unda-world. I got another undakova secret for ya. Today it dawned on me that I not only know three amazing websites that I can share but I know the people who designed them and they are genuine, innovative, and pioneers. Still with these gentlement the best is yet to come and I would love for you to get a look at these 3 websites and check them out before they become the next best thing since Twitter for the genre of music, hip hop, underground culture, independent and industry buzz, as well as socializing and entertainment.

The 3 websites are Roshmond aka SUM KID is the west coast connection, emcee, and ship captain of the He brings a monthly video update that is full of the latest tips on how as an independent artist life can be easier, more lucrative, and productive. The Good Look dot net not only is good information for independent artist it also brings those who aren't full time artist together closer w…

My bad. I didn't send out your y5o CD to you did I?

My apology goes out to Julian, Danny Santos (Happy Belated), Jeanie, Stella, Sierra, Illana Levine, Andrew Hur and my cousin Joi Bug. Also to Netta for receiving a y5o CD that didn't work. ooh as bad as that all sounds please be assured that I am not that much of a dooshbag and some people did get there CDs. Also my heart is in the right place. I do want you to have one of the coolest CDs I ever was of a part of. . . a true piece of my life.

But yes the truth is I am having no luck when it comes to being efficient about my mail out to you all. And my CD is low budget anyhow hahaha not sure if it was supposed to be such a grand gesture. For real I wrote on it with a sharpie marker. I thought it would be a nice thing for you to receive as a personal gift from me to you. Problem is I didn't drop it in the mail and today is the deadline before Mercury goes Retrograde and has its way with communications and mail etc. See your local astrology site for details on what happens when …

Banking 2.0: what do you use? what apps to choose?

I recently developed the habit of wanting to know my bank balance daily and keep track of my bills and spending habits over time. How about you?
For some reason online banking has a place in my heart. Why? Well maybe because I am online often and even spend quite a bit of time purchasing items online using the familiar amazon books, paypal and venturing into other options of using my digital cash flow to get by in life. To be quite honest I am someone who saves money every day even if it is just a penny I see on the floor while walking in the street. Most of my banking is done from my iphone application and I personally have an electronic shocking mechanizm attached to my phone that can knock a person unconscious for 3 days straight if they touch my iPhone and try to enter my banking information without my permission. . . .Just kidding about that last bit. Haha
Anyhow there has been this current new trend with people and how they use online banking and it has been coined Banking 2.0 by…

5 reasons why Google Docs Rocks

Hello my neyba,

Google Docs has been a life saver for me and keeping my life and documents both business and personal organized. Today I wanted to briefly give 5 reasons why I think if you haven't tried google docs you should give it a try and see how it works for your business and keeping your life organized efficient fast and mobile.

Well for one its mobile. . .
Like I said earlier you will be mobile with your work and creations. I personally use google docs to create word documents that I can see no matter where I am. When I am not even in the office I can look at a word document that I created in 2002 that has all of my business plans or even notes I took from a book I read in them. Its cool to be mobile these days and the internet and google docs have master how to get your work online and in your hands no matter where you are.

For Two Google Docs is Microsoft Efficient. . .
What does that mean? Well it means you have the power of Powerpoint presentations, WORD documents, Excel…

Day 39 of my Millionaire Mind 90 Day Wealth Conditioning Program

For those of you who have known me for some time can recognize that I have been working as a DJ, I have been an MC and entertainer, I have taught my own courses to the youth on the Willpowa Theory a course about the 5 elements of art, I have taught yoga to the pre-schoolers, published music and produced compilation albums, and even had the benefit of working for others in the arts and on other jobs as well. As I type I am seconds away from heading to my night position as an assistant to the raw food chef in an live organic vegan kitchen here in NYC. Out of all the great career opportunities I have had I have never had financial freedom or better yet been rich. I have always been an entrepreneur, use to the cutting edge technology and concepts, and available to motivate and encourage others to follow there wildest dreams no matter what they were as long as they were positive and not hurting anyone. So I guess that is what has drawn me to this program called the Millionaire Mind 90 Day …

SOUND ADVICE TV-Featuring Derek Silvers-The Pitch review

Sound Advice TV - Featuring Derek Sivers - The Pitch

So here is a video presented by Ariel of Ariel Publicity featuring Derek Silvers. About 5 years ago I once met someone who worked for Ariel Publicity and their promotions in a lounge where I would DJ here in NYC. My impression from meeting an employee of the company was that Ariel is a "legit" as well as effective and on top of what they do as far as publicity goes.
Derek Silvers who is featured in this video has changed the face of my music career with his website as well as other ventures he has created such as Hostbaby that enabled me to stay on the cutting edge and enhance my music career. My first consistent website was which was hosted by Derek's company called All of the older journels from this site you reading now were originally on Derek Silvers Hostbaby site first. I can just imagine what the advice from these two people will be able to do for your career and abilit…


Oh my god. So check it. I have had this album called "MURS for President" for about a two weeks along with the U2 album and I have been listening to them both simultaneously. Actually if it wasn't for these albums I think I might have lost hope, quit my night job at the raw food kitchen, and just pursued my passion so furiously that I burnt myself out. But no. This MURS album for instance has been allowing me to feel more comfortable and at ease knowing there is hope for good music. More importantly great hip hop. My opinion is these kids need it. I work with young men from Africa (Burkina Faso) who didn't grow up with hip hop and all they know is Cassidy and Bird Man. What message do they now have about being a black man in America? All I know is that we work around the most positive food and environment you can find in NYC and they still see no place for that in the music they call "hip hop"
If you know me personally you can basically admit the last time…

Ba-Gua & Feng Shui Video teaches to Organize Space

The Ba-Gua and Feng Shui has been a interesting hobby of mine for over 5 years now. I have enjoyed the ride of changing my space (both inner and outer) to align with the themes, colors, directions and wisdom of Feng Shui. The Ba-Gua tool has enhanced the balance in my room as well as in my personal and emotional life. I keep one in my room these days facing the screaming New York City High way haha. Today I have a more holistic approach to my lifestyle. In the past when I first thought about my life I would say "to myself I just want to be happy and healthy. Understanding the Ba-Gua has now enlivened my approach to a balance lifestyle by allowing me to see that living a healthy and happy life can consist of more than just that. I gain happiness and healthy living through my focus on the 8 areas of the Ba-Gua. To me they stand for Wisdom, Health and Family, Wealth, Fame, Relationships, Creativity and Children, Helpful People and Contacts, and lastly Career.

My career and wealth…

U2 and MURs album review part 1

So recently I ventured over to J and R Music world to do some market research on great popular music. I jogged over to the huge location downtown, walked on the huge location, and what immediately popped out on the shelf was the latest U2 album. I didn't pay that much attention, took notes of my thoughts which were I am sure everyone is buying that. . . Wow on sale. . . Let me look around more.
I walked around a bit, looked at some Michael Jackson CDs, and the album covers realizing I have those physical records. Then I dropped the CDs when tripping over some customers thought to myself "wow when was the last time I actually bought my music from a store rather than instantly download it from iTunes? I have such bad music store etiquite now"
I then move on to the poster section of the the store where I can quietly get away and enjoy some time observing something without interfering with another's perspective. Reading quietly to myself the Barrack Obama acceptance spe…

Apartment Building Studio Review

How to build a customized apartment studio? A question that if I knew would change the course of my life. Imagine truly recording from home. In style. In privacy. On my own time. With whom I choose. Ugh sounds like a dream come true from this standpoint of writing to you from my day job in a Coney Island library. I love what I do but if I have to be immobile and giving service I might as well be in my own home and being ultra creative right? Yes. So surfing around I found an article that can get me started on doing just that. is a website that has several step by step instructions on how to create things that people are interested in creating but perhaps don't have the instructions how. Although they have several sections from Offbeat, Pets, Ride, Green, Games, Kids and home etc. I was in the music section when I literally got 9 detailed steps on how to sound proof and build my dream studio.
Check out the steps below.

Build a music studio in an apartment building

Are we sleeping on homelessness?

So recently I realized that I truly want to do something about homelessness in the world? Why? Well because I never really had to struggle paying my own rent. I never really had it hard enough to be homeless. I do believe that that is because I was and still am very fortunate to have the type of family I have and a mother who cares for me immensely. But anything can happen these days. God forbid a fire, thief, getting laid off, drugs, the levi broke, the check didn't clear, I lost my ID, Life life life, the recession, and the friggin economy, racism, and pure laziness gone bad can all have their effects one way or another on us directly or indirectly and be the cause of homelessness. Am I right?
[caption id="attachment_279" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Are we sleeping on homelessness?"][/caption]

Well perhaps not but what I do notice is that what is evident is that there is something that exist in our day and age called homelessness…

7 Figure Secrets

Hola peoples,

Here is the lowdown...

Back in February of 2007, Mike Filsaime held a secret Private Workshop at an undisclosed location.

Over 100 people paid $5000 for the Workshop.

He then took those DVD's (Which now sell for $1297) and sold it out in record fashion in under 7 days to 2500 people. Since then... over 3000 people have paid for that information.

The success stories that followed have changed the face of Internet Marketing.

(Filsaime, along with his 37 Staff Members, will do $10,000,000 this year in sales and is credited with showing other marketers how to grow a 7 figure Business.)
SO what?!

Ok so this is why I am even talking about this at all.

A) I like Mike and the information he provides for what I am up to in life.

B) Mike hired an Internet Marketing Expert and Copywriter (That also attended the event.) Paid this "TOP GUN" $25,000 to watch all 16 DVD's of "The 7 Figure Code" and condense it into a Masterpiece...


An 85 Page report, no…

What is Twhirl?

Ok so its been a few month of being involved in twittering. Yes I have been on Twitter since January I believe and I have about 530 followers and have made several tweets which go directly to my facebook status which I love. So basically I have been using twitter to be a connection to making status's that not only go to facebook but can be on the twitter public timeline as well as in several widgets that are attached to my blog and even myspace. I guess its say for me social networking has been a focus in the new year. But it gets better. . .even better. I am about to try Twhirl. You know what Twhirl is? oh man so why didn't you tell me? Oh oh you don't know what it is? Well its a desktop application (which might be shady) that allows you to organize your twitter experience in a huge way. They even have more of these desktop appliciations available by other names. Tweet Deck and some others probably exist too. So anyhow it was a decision between Tweet deck and Twhirl for m…

Tips on keeping your phone secure.

Today I wanted to express something that has been of interest this month since I lost my blackberry curve on the train. That is correct? you heard right? I lost my phone. . . and guess what? A generous and kind young new yorker who assists the world by working with an organization to develop housing and programs for the homeless emailed me and returned my phone immediately. Yes I was certainly lucky he was so thoughtful and kind.
I was also fortunate because I was able to get his emails and his calls through my new phone which was an Iphone replacement. Anyway my point in saying all this about phones is. Phones come and go and they are only getting cooler and more a part of our personal lives. What happens when we lose these phones or they get into the wrong hands? Does our personal lives go with it? Usually that is the case. So this post is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones stay safe in these technological times where anything can happen and anyone can find you via Twitt…

No Love Lost

No Love Lost
By Undakova
Now I don't want to make to choice
Its just to hard to break it off
We should let nature take its course
So in the end there's no love lost
No love lost repeat 3x

They say its better to love than never loved at all
but does that apply for me and you
I guess it does
Was it a worth while experience
I guess it was
Just because
I never thought it happen to me
it happened so naturally
I happen to be in the wrong place at the right time
I caught the wrong face with the right line
Opposites attract
or is it love is type blind
you might find connection in this lifetime
As for me
I'll be doing quite find
And I am thinking that is its best to keep moving without you
I doubt you would understand
Probably wondering if I fall in love again
The truth is every day I am discovering
In the end all you'll be is another friend

Now I don't want to make to choice
Its just to hard to break it off
We should let nature take its course
So in the end there's no love lost
No love …

Lyrics from the song "Alive"

Come on
Take a walk through this
Mainframe of this corporate forte-urous (Fortress)
Same game just fame is what they offer us
Its all corrupt don't let your thoughts adjust

To the television sets
Cause they forcing us
To lose all that's sacred and its costing us
We cruise the hatrix like morpheus
With out a clue in this world what's in store for us

Who knows what its all because
But they say its for my own protection
And the war on drugs

So we live in sections
Eyes all on us

Like George Orwell
1984 on us

Man listen
I am trying to make decisions logically
Cause the forty acres and a mule that they promised me

Is a dream only we could make true
SO what I am saying to you is. . . .


ASCAP copyright 2002
Let me know what you think of the song "Alive" Featuring JD of Hip Hop Karaoke, Undakova, and R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.

I am about to say the G-WORD right now. . . .




what?!?!? Who? Who did it? Where? WHHHHYYY?

I will tell you all about it in this brief update but first let me explain what gentrification is by using an excerpt from Tom Wetzel's 2004 article on the G-Word itself.

"In other times and places an inflow of investment fuels gentrification. Upscale condos are erected, houses are rehabbed. Candle-lit restaurants and stores catering to people with higher incomes displace bodegas and used appliance stores. Rents rise as landlords realize they can attract professionals and business people as tenants. An area of "valuable city real estate" is being cleansed of its working class residents."

There was no question in my mind that Brooklyn's Infamous Coney Island is on its way to G-Land. A disney style amusement park with a neighborhood of tourist attractions to match. Sounds great right? Yeah sure if you are an ATM. If you are the Asian, Russian, Black and other minori…