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This past weekend we had the blessing to leave NYC and arrive in Lunenburg MA for the gathering of a lifetime. We were able to rejuvenate in nature and also take some time away to have a bit of a digital detox. Of course we served with our Hip Hop Yoga workshops but we also had some quality family time together.
This was a great gathering also because on the new moon we were a part of the acquisition of Camp Timber Trails where the next Unifier Gathering will be. What a blessing to be part of this growing tribe and intentional community. 
Jason of Incus says his "personal hopes for the Land is that we hold a place for the Greatest Good, an inspirational center for a diverse community, a sacred site where we share in our reverence for the Land, where we share our creativity, where we listen deeply, where we practice regenerative resource management, where we conceive those yet to come, and where we lay the ashes of those that choose this, at a place that will be held for generations…

Illusions are falling everywhere MLMS

Family Yoga at Daya Today

Every Sunday @ Daya Yoga Studio 380 Jefferson St, Brooklyn  Adults and children have different qualities and views of the world. Just as much as we teach our children, there is great value in learning from them. Family Yoga at Daya is a space where children are taught the fundamentals of yoga through structured games, songs, stories and activities. Parents are active participants, encouraged to find their silly side.

UNDAKOVA has chosen and crafted these games & music to be beneficial for both parents and children - you will notice colors and beauty around you, explore your voice and your body. All of the benefits of a structured adult yoga class, enhanced by the presence of younger souls. 

Peace, ease and common ground with your child. Every sunday at 4pm. To sign up, please go to www.dayayog

BEATboxing and Becoming the Best person I can BE

Performance excerpts 2016-17 including “Fathers Day” freestyle performed on the main stage with DJ SRIKALOGY, Unifier Festival, Tolland MA, videography: Echo; "Ratchet AMMA" freestyle performance in collaboration with Go! Push Pops, Youth Explosion: The New Bohemians art exhibition, Czech Center, New York, NY; Chakra Affirmation led group wellness ritual with DJ UNDAKOVA during DREAM BEAT, Sixth Street Community Center New York, NY; UNDAKOVA freestyle with Adam Matta, Waack Olympics, Red Bull Studios, New York, NY; Beatbox workshop at Beatles Fest NY, Westchester, NY, videography: izl Odego

🌈😎🌟 Undakova Time to Realign with the Dream -UNDAKOVA ENTERPRISES ✨💥✌💜