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Inspire your visionary, cosmic and professional goals

I often get requests from artists and radical creatives for spiritual & professional help.   Up until now, I've pretty much always turned them down. As a native New Yorker, I’m naturally attuned to what can be some high velocity and at times staggeringly heartbreaking vicissitudes of culture, industry and economy. During the last year, as I’ve slowly come into my role as co-creative director at ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS, the Urban Mystery Skool I recently opened with my beloved partner Or Nah, I've begun to help a few select people... and realize how much I really love to help inspire artists’ visionary, cosmic and professional goals. I’m divinely led and good at it too!

One woman I worked with recently in Thailand was clueless about how she could confidently speak about her practice and share it with a community that both intrigued and intimidated her. I helped her tweak a few things here and there, and watched as she confidently guided her participants into a deep and healing space, introducing her transformational breathwork and mindfulness practice with ease and joy. Another artist was wasting time at the wrong locations looking for support for her paintings. I helped her recognize how much time she was wasting trying to reach “everyone”– and how to focus on ONLY those who were aligned with her vision. And guess what? She did exactly that! And it WORKED like a charm.

Of course, there’s an endless amount of ways to show up and be or service in this swiftly evolving world. You already intuitively understand how doing your unique work within communities that need and respect your vision is paramount. Your network is your “net worth” and sharing resources amongst like minded people can create rapid abundance. That’s why it is SO important that you stop “wingin’ it” and really understand how to do this right.

If you are looking for clarity, transformation, increased authority in your field, accelerated income, confidence and a sustainable sense of self in relationship to your vision, career and community, keep reading.

What I’m finally realizing is that I can really help artists like you make a lot more money, save lots of time – and do a WHOLE lot better at being resourceful and connecting to the communities and networks that support your vision. (I’ve been building communities in New York for 15 years now – and through lots of trial and error – I’ve mastered the whole process, sometimes networking and confidently representing my art and connecting with hundreds of people at one event alone. Now, I get to share all of my insider tips.)

As you already know, I’m offering an exclusive Retreat in Thailand with a focus on Sacred Art & Sound Alchemy. An immersive wellness retreat – complete with daily yoga on the beach, activating holistic hip hop ciphers, sound healing and movement; you’ll do the work of dialing in how YOUR ART and YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE can flourish within the global intentional community we’re creating at ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS. You’ll feel more vital, save more time and make more money. Go on… get your spiritual hygiene up and revitalize your heart space from the crystalline quartz sand beaches of sweet, juicy and magical Thailand. Learn and grow in ways that you never imagined, you’ll leave feeling like a bigger person than you ever wanted to become!

Here's the thing, though: I’m not going to share this to the masses. They’re just not ready! This is an exclusive offer to a select group or avatar nomads, gypsy warriors and wild bodhisattvas that took the initiative to ask for guidance, and space is LIMITED. If you're ready to crank up your vibrations and co-create a sparkling, intentional community in Thailand (and beyond) with us, don't hesitate. If you want to share your gifts with more authenticity, integrity and clear results,  don’t wait! You really need my help. All you have to do is hit me at ultraculturalothers at gmail dot com – and let me know you’re interested. Either my partner Or Nah or I will write you back and give you the details.

Creative Director,
Urban Mystery Skool
New York, NY

P.S. This retreat will probably fill up in a few days. I've never offered this before - and I may never offer it again. And I’m seriously giving away ALL of my best and most rare spiritual tools, worksheets, stellar readings, meditation and mindfulness secrets! We’re closing our deeply discounted early bird offer of $850 August 1st, so you’ll need to act quickly.
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