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#MondayisthenewFriday with Mobile Mondays and Danny Krivit ‪#‎preservingculture‬ ‪#‎savethemusic‬ ‪#‎savethedj‬ ‪#‎savenyc‬

Rebecca Lynn has been preserving DJ culture and real music relentlessly from the very first day I met her and continues to do so. She recently shared this video with me. Please watch it and come dance tonight. Thank God for Mobile Mondays!
Danny Krivit 100% 45 - 7 inch Short - Mobile Mondays! 4 hour All 45 Set on 6/29/15 from Mobile Mondays! on Vimeo.
            Mobile Mondays! Summer Events 2015
6/29 Danny Krivit  Tonight is a very special Mobile Mondays! with NYC Legendary DJ Danny Krivit. He will be spinning a 4 hour All 45 Set from 10pm-2am.  This is A Night Not To Be Missed!  Admission is $10.00  Downstairs at The Bowery Electric  327 Bowery at 2nd St. 
6/29 After Work Vinyl Night Also

Marco Tempest: The electric rise and fall of Nikola Tesla

11 Mindful Tips: How to Summer by Elephant Journal

Remember when we were children? Summer was endless, fun, full of possibility? Is it now just hot, busy, full of work with occasional parties or trips, and it all goes by too fast, now? This is for you. Don't want to read this Letter from the Editor? Watch Waylon here. When I was a boy, summer was all about…sun. The pool. Friends. Parties. Bicycling. Comic books. Counting change to buy a pack of baseball cards or play video games. No, I didn’t grow up in the 1950s. I grew up as a child, unrushed into adulthood.

Now, my summer starts in June and ends, seemingly, a week later. It’s busy, hot, fast, indoors is freezing with AC, there’re some fun parties and a few swims, and then suddenly the chill of Autumn hits and the college kids are back and it’s over and I have to wait another year for another summer and the chance that I’ll do it right.

So, this summer, I’ll take 40 years of tips and share those with you, if only to remind myself to Carpe Diem the hell out of this su…

Klaatu - 3:47 EST (1976) Full Album

A Wonderful community of moms who value the importance of self-care #ADAYOFJOY NYC

Heylo Neyba,

I’m writing to you to share about an event I am sponsoring.  It is A DAY OF  JOY! This is why I’m sending it to you…  It’s a day of fun workshops for Mothers, hosted by Your Beautiful Child.  There are wellness workshops (to include, deep relaxation, movement, and self expression) plus a gourmet vegetarian lunch is included, Do you know an amazing Mom and caregiver that would enjoy and most definitely DESERVE this?! I think you do :)

Because I am sponsoring this event, I get to invite my friends and offer you a discount!!! I really hope you can go.  The information and flyer and below, let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help you get set up to reserve your space. Click here:
Promo code:  djundakova or undakova if you are really in the know

P.S. I hope this reaches you in good spirits.

The GET DOWN 2015 at Cielo

#LastChance To Chill...