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Gabby Young and Other Animals take New York by storm.

This past week I got to actually hang out with Gabby and Other Animals while they toured New York City. What a blast. I witnessed her and the drummer of the band who we called "And" after I mistakingly called him that one time. It became his new name and we laughed about it knowing we were just exited to be in NY and in good company. It was so much fun. CV is a part of Hotel Rivington's night bar/lounge where faces like P Diddy and Jay Z make appearances. The crowd was in a hush and then an uproar when they heard Gabby's astounding vocals. I got some footage of it below. It was a good sight for soar eyes here in New York where I feel the music can be predictable and dull. Gabby was vivid and humorous. She busted out a kazoo and actually had each and everyone humming and singing along before we knew what hit us.

Later on in the week Gabby took stage at Joes Pub where the impromto show at CV was afterward in no comparison. She h…
Something tells me that more than a few people are going to try and be "Avatar" this halloween. I just felt the need to express that early.
Its Official! I will be at Sin Sin tonight after 1am. Bring your instruments, your voices, & your good vibes. Its a family affair.

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By Undakova

Connect to your breath
It’s the best way to ease ya stress
Leave the rest up to your intention
Attention never wanders
Staying focus upon the
never on the
Voices in ya head bringing drama
Forces of the dead living horror
Choices that were spread through ya karma
Leaving you further away from Nirvana
And the more that you relax and ease back you insight help you see the light
From the floor tail bone to back
chess neck to the head when you breathing right
Comfort when you sleep at night
No thoughts of the demon type
Monsters in the midst that reduce your bliss
prevent you from taking risk
When its seeming like
You close to your dreams ,
close to your goal
Each moment you bring
is molding your soul
The more that you change
the more you control
From within ya frame
a story unfolds
You already told yourself
Nobody knows til you grow yourself
To the person that you wanna be
Cause inside of you another seed
And with the right condition you can change your reality
all you needs to

Open up your …

Thinking too Much

Thinking too Much
By Undakova

your brain from thinking,
your pains and aching,
by staying patient
how we sway the Nation,
with a simple innovation
Here’s what I am saying
Is we need to cut the bond between the brain and what is wrong cause we dwell and no longer feel our best
So put your mind at ease and all you have to do is breath into the beat and put the thinking to rest
Though it ain’t that easy
First step ya need to believe me
Second check in your self seeking in deeply
And stare like you peeping a TV
Ok you got it
Now that ya self is spotted.
See if it helps with out it
Just as a test no need to stress,
You knows what’s best allow it
To fade away and then decay
pushing away Chaotic
thoughts and of course neurotic
Forget about it
The whole worlds thinking too much
And those girls thinking too much
And fella's thinking too much
Probably its the reason cause we all lost touch I am saying
Cause he be thinking too much
And she be thinking too much
And we be thinking too much
Probably its the re…

They don't really care about us

They don’t really care about us
By Undakova
Mass destruction
Then invasions
Bombs erupting
I don’t knowwww who to blame or
What needs changing
All I am thinking is
They don’t really care about us

In gulfed in
I don’t knowww who to blame or
What needs changing
All I am saying is
They don’t really care about us
17th century 21st century
really doesn't matter if you are not writing the history
In the end of it all when they mention we
Will they mention you? Will they mention me?

Will they mention us? Will the picture be. . .
A shot of you next to the words “victory”?
I don’t think so, So you should listen see
Because the only benefit that you’ll get to see
Is the 9 digit social security
The captain of the ship may still let the prisoners eat
And just because you travel doesn’t mean that you really free
Executives from Enron will still get to cheat
The shareholders and workers from new companies
And new corporation factories they calling green
Alternating new natural sources of energy

Everything is going to work out

Everything is going to work out
By Undakova

Feel it, let it be, and start
To heal and say I am alright repeat 4
Yes everything is going to work out
And all is well,
all is well, all is well
Yup Everything is going to work out
And all is well
Say I am all right (repeat 4x)
Sometimes change is good
We move to the next
Journey in our life
But still we are left
With complex feelings and pain stored in our chest
That hasn't been released or dealt with yet
As time goes by some of us forget
About the previous sadness, grief, and upsets
we try our best to allieviate the stress
Using alchohol, drugs, relationships and sex
(Pause) A temporary fix
yeah you guessed
Emotional band-aids or a protective vest
Still underneath lies the same mess
A cesspool of unresolved pain from ya past
How long will it last?
This feelings ain't pretty
So you resort to denial and stay busy
In the city while you're working every day
Using money but it doesn't make the pain go away
Feel it, let it be, and start
To heal and say I am…

Let it go

Let it go
By Undakova
Let it go Let it go
Let it go let it go
In relationships let it go
Don't try to control
Let it go let it go

With in relationships one needs detachment
I know you want to worry and show passion
Believing that you don't care if you don't take action
When you only forcing your outcomes to happen
In most cases that prevents what you imagined from happened in the first place
So you sad when you stuck handling the worst case
Detach with love let it go
Probably help your friendships to grow only God knows
Let your spirit flow
Your relationships are beautiful
Especially when the feelings mutual
And if its not and you feeling unusual
Then learn to set a boundary so both of you could grow
You got to love yourself
That's something you should know
And still love others
Sisters and brothers
Uncover the mysteries of God
Let your higher power step in and stop working so hard

Play the song Let it go by Undakova by clicking the title in this sentence.