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Being successful in the 8 ways

Being successful in the 8 ways
I am stive to the fullest
we dive from the bullets
in the concrete jungle, the cops try to put us
In a jail cell where they die, man I couldn't
See myself living inside so I wouldn't
Break laws or fight wars intentionally
Cause to live life "poor" is a sentence to me
I don't mean financially just listen to see
Successful in the 8 ways is what I am wishing to be
And the first way is wisdom
See life is a prison
if you can't expand your mind
with the knowledge that you're given
Ever day I learn and practice as I listen
To my inner voice as I capture intuition
It tells me what to read, how to master how I am living
So I stay wise and I pass it to the children
The second way is health
So I stay building
on my insides and to check after my feelings

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