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Why we fight

Ken Robinson on Flourishing

Stay positive and be the change.


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Keep Charging Ahead

Yes it’s ALL going to come together. You may not know HOW exactly but be patient and stay positive. All you need is the “Faith” ( Tumblr
Lets continue charging ahead. out of the darkness and into the light. There will be emotional turmoil and work to be done to release negative thoughts and toxins as well as stubborn unforgiveness from the heart. With small consistent steps we will succeed. Stay up because there will be something positive on the other side that we can’t see yet.Friday APRIL 15th
Tantra for Lovers Workshop ( this immersive workshop led by partners Katie Cercone and David Jason Williams, we will practice the Venus Kriyas from Kundalini Yoga, which involve eye gazing into your partner’s soul, gentle asanas done as a pair & sending one another positive energy through the hands. Venus Kriyas are a “white” form of Tantra used to cultivate loving compassion and deep presence.We’ll also practice par…

Keep Charging Ahead