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Primal Power ⚔ All Power ⚔ Mother Power

Primal Power ⚔ All Power  Mother     

Power ⚔ : ⚔ :⚔ : ⚔ : ⚔ : ⚔ : ⚔ : ⚔ : 

*THUG* was first used by British Colonials in India to describe a group of nomadic, religious murderers known for looting, strangling innocent travelers and offering these sacrifices to their GoddessKali MA.No one doubted the divine origin of the

牡蠣料理ダイニング RATCHET AMMA六本木 かき心

Lord #Shiva is known by thousands of names.Bhava "Being" Sarva "the All” Parshupati “Lord of Creatures” Kapardin “Lord of Dreadlocks” Sahasraksha “Thousand Eyed” called “Blue-Throated One” because his throat turned blue from drinking down the world-threatening poison churned up from the Sea-Of-Creation As *MahaKala Shiva is “great Lord of Time” He is “Lord of the Waves" He is #Nataraja "Lord of Dance" creating and destroying the cosmos. As Dakshinamurti he is an ascetic and teacher. He is also Umapati the husband of Uma or Parvati, father of Ganesha. One moment Lord of the Universe, Vishvanatha