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Kawaii FREAKk Kkingdoms Call on Gods?

おしゃれダイニ⚔☠ングシュシュ "HIRA HIRA" is a term of spiritual importance running 
thru anime, early religious rites, todaiis  
kawaii-Freakk-Kingdoms of fashion, &    the untouchableworld-f-Girls

hira hiratranslates to "movement, swaying of ribbonsfrills of lyrical-Word-Chainsthat flutter in the breeze as never-Ending

Walk with a Million Sons in your Aura ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

L-O-G-O-S☀️creation by word, is considered a prominent part of most religions in existence. In Egypt we have Words-On-Power and in Yoruban society, the term Emperor translates loosely to LivingWord The linguistic root of Tantra “tan,” means “to weave or stretch.” Tan describes the “weaving” of words by visionary poets who composed the sacred texts known as the Vedas. In yoga we say Mantrayana Mantra-Vehicle and consider chanting and mantra meditation the fastest way to open the heart center and connect to all that is. Singing brings chi into the belly. Om “the supreme syllable, the mother of all sound,” is composed of Sanskrit alphabet letters called #matrika or “mothers.” Om is the mantra-matrika, the Mother-Of-Mantras The meaning of Om was something like “pregnant belly,” and equated the female body and the earth as the temple of life. In hiphop we might see this expressed as: WORD! WORD UP!! WORD-TO-THE-MOTHER!!! 

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