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Clairaudient for the Harmonic 〰☀〰

Did ya know ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS: Urban Mystery Skool offers a competitive 1-Month mystical self-study & wellness immersive for interdisciplinary creatives, post-studio artists, yung shamans, urban monks, queers, Buddha bitches, punk/Eco/hip hop Feminists and radical Others? Hosted by High Prieztezz Or NAH & Undakova w/ @gopushpops and rotating guest faculty in Manhattan's LES. 

Take our onboarding survey to begin the application process for 1-month micro-residencies in 2018-19 HERE *

((Kawaii KALi REDUX ))
starring @aleesyvon @bdiajp
 with soundtrack by Alees Yvon + @xhosamusic

                                             L - O - O - K - $

  • Woodabe "people of the Taboo" of Nigeria are a nomadic people known for their beauty and elaborate rituals in which men wear make-up, feathers and  adornments while performing Yaake - dances & songs to impress women 💥 😍 💥 ...

  • Oriental cultures studied Sexuality as both Art and Science, and called the female anatomy golden tongue, seat of pleasure, jade veins, magic jewel of dharma, god field, heavenly court, children's palace, Jewel enclosure and the Great Seat of Yin Energy مؤسسة مستشفى سرطان الاطفال

·                  Mary Beth Edelson Goddess Head/Calling Series, 1975

·       Surrendering with conscious Presence to the 

         Energies present at birth is equivalent to 
       7 Years of Meditation

      Sun Shining on My Circle of

                 L️VE Everlasting〰vv〰v

  •                                          Tuning into my primal-Spiral during yoga at the beach with @dayayogastudio @undakova

नीचे बकवास करने के लिए
a.k.a. Rogue faerie locked in a Culture lacking organic female Rite Of Passagesensuous in her flights Of Language, hovering between frenzy / Reflection singing - swinging - swerving 

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