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In 2013 I worked with Princess Lockerooo to enhance and remix Beyonce's Grown Woman song and turn it into a waacking extravangza with the Waackography to match the music. Princess Lockerooo is a beast with the dancing. Best in NYC and internationally known. Don't sleep :)

Albert Einstein- A Biography

This movie is as brilliant as Einstein himself. A true legend and master. You have to watch this to understand his humanitarianism and how the world was changing around him to what we know of normal now with War, Bombs and media spins on the truth. This is a wonderful documentary too bad the quality is not good and it cuts off at the end. But never the less absorb this fully for what it is.

Pink Floyd - Us and Them - Original Video + Lyrics

TASHA BLANK "everything is waiting for you"

Cheat sheet:  
The Get Down takes Brooklyn August 13
New Tunes are UPView this email in your browserHey friends!I'm writing you from a (Wanderlust-bound) airplane,
where I'm sitting next to a dude who's afraid of flying. 
He's a strapping gun-carrying proud Amerrrican from Ohio, and we're having an incredible time as he chugs Jack Daniels quicker than I can swallow my green juice. I ask him why he's afraid.

"It's a control thing,"  he says.
"I know that one,"  I say.

We all want it. Some kind of guarantee, a handshake from the universe that lets us know things will turn out the way we think they should. But that's not the universe's deal.

The deal is that we are made of movement. 
If we want to live in accordance with the truth evolving inside our skin, we are required to break down old patterns so that they too can evolve.

Truth demands a quantum leap-level of trust, where our plans don't mean shit because the possibilities made possi…

How to feel miserable as an artist. #sadbuttrue

Natasha Diggs: What's good tonight? July23rd to August 12th

written by Natasha Diggs:
Greetings Friends and Fam.. Thursday 7/23.. will be back at the ol' stomping grounds in Output's Panther Room for *The Magic Number*featuring music by myself and world renowned producer/ dj Ge-ology.. we'll be puttin down deep cuts on the boomin system so bring open ears and dancing feet.. No Cover No List.. come vibe with us..

Saturday 7/25it's the return of Hi-Fi Dance Party.. featuring very special guest the incredible Dj Scratch.. We rockin 11-4 at Diviera Drive on the corner of N. 7th and Berry in Williamsburg.. be droppin soulful sounds rare to the classic to keep ya saturday night LIVE! beautiful space with a huge backyard..  No Cover No List..  Spread the word and come dance with us..

More Upcoming Dates:
7/27: Mobile Mondays! @ Bowery Electric 7/28: Provocateur NYC, Gansevoort Hotel 7/31: Eighteenth St. Lounge, DC 8/01: Red Room @ DL 8/03: Mobile Mondays! @ Bowery Electric 8/04: Provocateur NYC, Gansevoort Hotel 8/12: Mobile Mondays!…

The Tribe is Alive and Now is the time