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FREE Financial Planning for our generation

Hello again. So it turns out that the we are coming up to a year in the Obama Admin' and several things have remained the same. For example.
Have you heard of any new financial news about this recession we are supposed to be in? Did any one figure out what to do with all of those forclosed homes? Did we figure out what to do with those car companies that were going under? Is america dealing with Wall st. . . .I mean I remember at the beginning of the year we were on "strike" down on wall st? What about the issue with health care? The poor? The war? Where is our money going? Are we still the biggest consumer credit card culture that will have its wrath on the shopping malls this christmas? Is our spending healing or hurting our future generations to come? All in all how are we planning for our own personal financial future's? Or are we just planning on rent getting lower and health care being affordable soon. . .or better yet our 401k's and good old fashion corpor…

Can somebody say Amen

After a week of seeing different people come in our house and leave our house with smiles on there faces still our sublet process is not complete. I wake up today and meditate my stress's away. Well most of em.
Yesterday I spent all day working on a proposal for a school in Washington heights who seem to be interested in having an after-school program formulated by my company Willpowa. Weeks went by and I spent my days working on music and completing songs in the studio only to leave the proposal writing up to a trusted friend and fellow mc. Suffice to say it never got completed due to my energy being scattered amongst recording and subleting my place. Not to mention being a good boyfriend through the process. So turns out my friends from the UK want to look over it this weekend so I will have to submit the proposal in a bit late anyhow but hopefully with more spunk than it had in the first place.
Anyway lets just say the only thing that helped me from not having a nervous breakdown…