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SOUND ADVICE TV-Featuring Derek Silvers-The Pitch review

Sound Advice TV - Featuring Derek Sivers - The Pitch

So here is a video presented by Ariel of Ariel Publicity featuring Derek Silvers. About 5 years ago I once met someone who worked for Ariel Publicity and their promotions in a lounge where I would DJ here in NYC. My impression from meeting an employee of the company was that Ariel is a "legit" as well as effective and on top of what they do as far as publicity goes.
Derek Silvers who is featured in this video has changed the face of my music career with his website as well as other ventures he has created such as Hostbaby that enabled me to stay on the cutting edge and enhance my music career. My first consistent website was which was hosted by Derek's company called All of the older journels from this site you reading now were originally on Derek Silvers Hostbaby site first. I can just imagine what the advice from these two people will be able to do for your career and abilit…


Oh my god. So check it. I have had this album called "MURS for President" for about a two weeks along with the U2 album and I have been listening to them both simultaneously. Actually if it wasn't for these albums I think I might have lost hope, quit my night job at the raw food kitchen, and just pursued my passion so furiously that I burnt myself out. But no. This MURS album for instance has been allowing me to feel more comfortable and at ease knowing there is hope for good music. More importantly great hip hop. My opinion is these kids need it. I work with young men from Africa (Burkina Faso) who didn't grow up with hip hop and all they know is Cassidy and Bird Man. What message do they now have about being a black man in America? All I know is that we work around the most positive food and environment you can find in NYC and they still see no place for that in the music they call "hip hop"
If you know me personally you can basically admit the last time…

Ba-Gua & Feng Shui Video teaches to Organize Space

The Ba-Gua and Feng Shui has been a interesting hobby of mine for over 5 years now. I have enjoyed the ride of changing my space (both inner and outer) to align with the themes, colors, directions and wisdom of Feng Shui. The Ba-Gua tool has enhanced the balance in my room as well as in my personal and emotional life. I keep one in my room these days facing the screaming New York City High way haha. Today I have a more holistic approach to my lifestyle. In the past when I first thought about my life I would say "to myself I just want to be happy and healthy. Understanding the Ba-Gua has now enlivened my approach to a balance lifestyle by allowing me to see that living a healthy and happy life can consist of more than just that. I gain happiness and healthy living through my focus on the 8 areas of the Ba-Gua. To me they stand for Wisdom, Health and Family, Wealth, Fame, Relationships, Creativity and Children, Helpful People and Contacts, and lastly Career.

My career and wealth…

U2 and MURs album review part 1

So recently I ventured over to J and R Music world to do some market research on great popular music. I jogged over to the huge location downtown, walked on the huge location, and what immediately popped out on the shelf was the latest U2 album. I didn't pay that much attention, took notes of my thoughts which were I am sure everyone is buying that. . . Wow on sale. . . Let me look around more.
I walked around a bit, looked at some Michael Jackson CDs, and the album covers realizing I have those physical records. Then I dropped the CDs when tripping over some customers thought to myself "wow when was the last time I actually bought my music from a store rather than instantly download it from iTunes? I have such bad music store etiquite now"
I then move on to the poster section of the the store where I can quietly get away and enjoy some time observing something without interfering with another's perspective. Reading quietly to myself the Barrack Obama acceptance spe…

Apartment Building Studio Review

How to build a customized apartment studio? A question that if I knew would change the course of my life. Imagine truly recording from home. In style. In privacy. On my own time. With whom I choose. Ugh sounds like a dream come true from this standpoint of writing to you from my day job in a Coney Island library. I love what I do but if I have to be immobile and giving service I might as well be in my own home and being ultra creative right? Yes. So surfing around I found an article that can get me started on doing just that. is a website that has several step by step instructions on how to create things that people are interested in creating but perhaps don't have the instructions how. Although they have several sections from Offbeat, Pets, Ride, Green, Games, Kids and home etc. I was in the music section when I literally got 9 detailed steps on how to sound proof and build my dream studio.
Check out the steps below.

Build a music studio in an apartment building

Are we sleeping on homelessness?

So recently I realized that I truly want to do something about homelessness in the world? Why? Well because I never really had to struggle paying my own rent. I never really had it hard enough to be homeless. I do believe that that is because I was and still am very fortunate to have the type of family I have and a mother who cares for me immensely. But anything can happen these days. God forbid a fire, thief, getting laid off, drugs, the levi broke, the check didn't clear, I lost my ID, Life life life, the recession, and the friggin economy, racism, and pure laziness gone bad can all have their effects one way or another on us directly or indirectly and be the cause of homelessness. Am I right?
[caption id="attachment_279" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Are we sleeping on homelessness?"][/caption]

Well perhaps not but what I do notice is that what is evident is that there is something that exist in our day and age called homelessness…