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Life is Such Song lyrics and video

Life is Such

Life is Such  By Undakova How’d I get here in the first place
Got me feeling like I am living in the rat race
when you moving through the city it's a fast pace
doesn’t matter if you had good or bad grades
If you ask me
Cause every day is another lesson into class, race,
gender, religion, that a leave you with a bad state 
of mind but I had to trust and to have faith
that the music that I made would give me that grace
And spread a message that I know would lift me past space
and time cause I am beyond what the maps say
So every time I spit a verse its everlasting
I channel with my energy and fill with passion
So I can live a life in peace that I've imagined
Don’t need your suffering, your headaches or your aspirin
just some time to contemplate to make it happen
Cause every moment is getting better than it has been

When it seems hopeless to focus through the commotion
I am open to being spoken to from higher beings
and seeing signs

Cause the path that been chose…