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My Birthday comes around again in 2007

Well today is another birthday of mine. An important one as well. 29 wow!! I am a old man who has practically completed my Saturn return and boy does it feel good. Almost like Dorothy coming home finally and explaining how there was a tin man, a lion and a wicked witch and "you were there too" at the end of the movie. Life has been a full circle. This morning I noticed I am awaken by phone calls from my dearest as well as love from my mom and family. I also got a bunch of neybas from all around hitting me up on the web which is really shocking and nice to see, especially because it is so unexpected. So what are my plans for today. Well I don't really celebrate birthdays all that special from what I can view in my histories past so today will follow those guidelines. Everyday is my birthday. Today I am off to reunite with some old band mates from Y5o and jam out a little followed by a full day of volunteer service at the Bikram yoga studio. Well not volunteer exactly . . …

Undakova Vs May Twice

Wow its been a year since I posted on this blog. What brings me back full circle. Well I think its about time I stop paying for a website monthly when I can blog for free. The website. Undakovamusic has been growing day by day and every month more people view it and it expains. I figure if I can do that to that web space then I can help do that to any space on the web. Time to surrender.

Zip Car, Raw Food, and Satelite Radio

Well well. Things have been amazing. The full moon energy has really shot me out of a cannon leading me into all sorts of circumstances to gain higher knowledge and spirituality. Lately I have been waking up at 4:30am every morning in order to deliver raw foods to some of New York Cities finest. I have been driving and watching the sunrise each time as I listen to my favorite Satellite Radio Station. XM 84 Chill. Its the only station I know that has commercials in it that encourage you to "relax and release all negativity" I guess staying on this sort of route has closed a few doors such as djing really late every night and staying up past 3am but it has opened doors that have been well worth the transition in schedule. For instance I have been able to Zip Car through the city so much at an early hour that I was asked to participate in some ZipCar journalism that will soon be available online due to journalist Emma Johnson in May. Wow! Yup and I also got the privilege to hel…

Yoga for a year Vegan Model for a day

Febuary is coming in with a real swoop of positive energy. A few days ago I was able to participate as a vegan model for my favorite area to shop and eat in the lower east side Organic Avenue. Yep yours truly really was able to feel good for once wearing some threads that were completely vegan and organic. No animal tested products and practically all made out of hemp or some natural product and state. Oh man it was a real treat. My new diet this January has truly been a hit. Speaking of hit. Can you believe I have hit one year in my anniversary of Bikram yoga yep its been a year to date since I have taken Bikram yoga due to Robin Andre's recommendation on January 17th 2006. Wow what a change that has made in my life. Many changes have been in the works but for the most part all is the same. Still working on my djing, my chakras, my eating habits, my living and learning as well as loving, and my inner world in order to change my outer world for the best. The new energy of the full…

All is presently well. . . plan for the future

Well presently all is well. I have been spending all of my hard earned cash on water and food. My favorite thing to cook now is advacado and tortillas. I hook it up though. Hot sauce and all. haha. Other than eating I have been sweating off the pounds in Bikram yoga. Speaking of which I am djing a party this weekend for the owner of my yoga studio. Should be a sweet time. Meeting new people. Dog walking. Building with previous relationships destined to grow. All good things taking place each moment. I do feel I need to sit down and map out my future though. I have some pieces that are dying to be manifested and put into place. I guess I am going to take some time out and do it now. It will all be worth it. Gotta set small goals. :) Speak to ya laterz