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Resonance Beings of Frequency documentary film

Ok this one hurts me the most. How could we find out what adverse effects mobile phones and phone towers have on people if the whole world is immersed the waves they emit? What if we had to reverse the clock a bit before the 90s to where there were no cellphones? The earths frequency being covered up by man made frequencies, confusing animals who depend on the magnetic fields of the planet etc. Where is the next No Phone Zone?

Spirit Science 13 ~ The Crystal Movie


Undakova Lyrics "Cartoon Characters"

I wrote this last may 2014 and published it to this blog in April. You can find it by doing a search of the word "Cartoon" in the search bar above. (that way you can also see verse two)
This verse goes out to all my dreamers and lost causes.
I am so excited to be performing this song April 2015. Can't wait for you to hear the track that goes with the lyrics.

Cartoon Characters By Undakova

Chorus:  You just a cartoon character.  Crazy Amateur You never get the chance to do the things you say you do You just a cartoon character Crazy Amateur  Cause deep inside all of us are laughing at you. Repeat 3x

The jokes on you for years you didn’t hear it Drowned that voice so you wouldn’t get near this Gift that you have so powerful you fear it Scared that someday you may just have to wield it You can’t shield your light so just reveal it Its much too bright to hide or then conceal with Mediocre jobs that anyone can still get We got dreams to fulfill people to build with
The hard times …

It's A Spiritual War by Undakova Song Lyrics

A Spiritual War
By Undakova
Even Dalai lama has to deal with inner drama its a spiritual war
President Obama has to use his word with honor its a spiritual war
From Pharoahs to the farmer no one quite escapes there karma its a spiritual war
Whether right or wrong you'll wanna to think back to this song cause its a spiritual war.
A spiritual war.

My lord what am I saying
Words are swords watch where you aiming
Are you sure of your mind frame and
are you pure and not containing
evil thoughts trapped in your brain can
be released if you would pray
but who has time for meditation
in this life
heh thats the spiritual war
We all living it
Til this day we giving it attention, power, harmony, and love until our spirit lifts
People are you hearing this,
Life is like mirror its
always reflecting back at us what we have to bear in this
world just like a cross up on our shoulders til they burry us
yeah we speak various
dialects and languages

"FUCK THE BANKS" by the Bondi Hipsters

"Life is such" "Wisdom"- Instrumental Beats Volume 1 of 9

Click to
OMG! Your second UNDAKOVA Weekly Instrumental has arrived.
"Life is such" "Wisdom"- Instrumental Beats  Volume 1 of 9
1. Click the link to downloadyour instrumental above.
2. Allow yourself to enter a state of mind where you can reflect on your views about life. "Life is such" what does that mean to you?
3. Reflect on your experiences past present and future and right down what comes up for you. When I wrote to the instrumental "Life is Such" I began to reflect about what I was going through in the moment. 
Hence the first line 

"How'd I get here in the first place, Got me feeling like I am living in the rat race." The knowledge and wisdom of what to write to a UNDAKOVA instrumental is within you and all around you.

BUT. One important thing in my opinion is it isn't about what you say. Its about how you say what you say. Words are what connect us together and bring meaning to your thoughts and ideas. You al…

Birth Your Blessings