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Its about time I start letting you in

So check it. I am at the Willpowa Center now. So much has developed me and my life since I decided to take the Willpowa 5 Element Theory into action in my life. See I am an experiment of the W5ET (Willpowa 5th Element Theory) and what that means is i am a student of the elements training to one day master all 5 elements. Anyhow. Right now I am in the Willpowa Center typing from the lower east side and promoting Willpowa Wednesdays here in the Manhattans very own XR bar on 128 Houston St on the corner of Sullivan Street. Yup today is the first Wednesday of the month so we are focussing this Wed on the Sound Element. New York's premier producer party. Listening to over 10 producers DJ and display their music. How cool is that? Yep and SPOGGA is performing two live sets of acoustic dopeness.

This blog will keep you updated to what is really going down and I will promise to update it every week. Ya heard. Much love and respect.