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Black eyed peas, collard greens, cranberry sauce and the company of my mom and my babe watching the ball drop from New York 1. Classic times
Entrepreneurship=living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the
rest of your life like most people can't
To those that know me from the lower east side. I will be downtown for the next two days. Please let's meet up at a familiar nostalgic place
whoo hoo. Its been a "Freedom" Furious Five and "King Of Rock" Run DMC Christmas. Happy Holidays to you and your family always and forever.
I am rockin that Kanye West Christmas song as well as my own song "Them Holidays" in BK. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To MY BABE MI-Kyoung. HAPPY HOLIDAYS
this is the first time EVER that I've bought a Christmas tree and I am now decorating it to Christmas music. Its definitely a full moon out

Them Holidays

Them Holidays
By Undakova

Its them Holidays
Cultural Holidays
National Holidays
Religious Holidays

Its them holidays
look forward to them days
where you can rest and relax
your soul working like a slave
back in them olden days
As a great holy day
to stay at home and pray
but religions gone astray
Everybody working for their pay
American people want to vaca
living 9 to 5 all work no play
Thats life in the USA
Canada Calin For NIA
Ireland Scotland and the UK
Time to give thanks in the name of the banks

Its them Holidays
Cultural Holidays
National Holidays
Religious Holidays

What do I celebrate
Is It love and passion for christ?
With a christmas tree and some holly leaves
all them red, green plastic and lights
Not really how I choose it to be
and I'll tell you actually why
Cause when jesus christ was born
I never got to meet that magical guy
but I know I do have faith
and I know how I feel inside
I want peace for every man and woman from now
to the end of time
Think we all need to take a break
to medita…

We're All In This Together (feat. Undakova) [Simpleton Remix] GabbyYoung and Other Animals

Original Release Date: November 22, 2010
A dream come true. I witnessed Gabby in NYC play this song live at Joes Pub. I was in awe watching her do the version of this song with her right hand man and a loop pedal. She looped her voices so that part at the end of this song where she's saying "Where all in this one together" it was a build up of all her different voices. Who knew that one day she would record this song in the studio and allow me to partake on a remix with Simpleton adding a bit of hip hop flava to the track. I think it already was my favorite song but with the bit I added to it I know it will go down in history as a moment where I got to live a dream of fully expressing myself through music honestly and with love. I hope you enjoy it. Here is the link. Peace and love and special thanks to Brett for making it happen.

Label: Gift Of The Gab Records / World Connection
Copyright: (c) 2010
Duration: 5:41 minutes…
listening to some Fela and folding clothes when I got the news. Mom is officially cancer free after a year of treatment. Happy Holidays :)
Fragmented creativity n paper/books, floppy/hard/mini-disc, zip/hardDrives, CD/ DVD, DV/Video/Mini/reel tape, livestream recording/websites
OMG so addicting. Too many interesting people in my life and fb puts all of you at my fingertips. Stop posting so I can find my own life lol
As corny and as weird as it sounds I am so thankful you post stuff on Facebook. I learn so much and value our connection. Life in 2010
wow in retrospect of the past 10 years. This was the first year I have eaten dinner every evening. 80% of the time w/ chopsticks.