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September 2012 Vipassana 10 Day Course

So what made me want to do a meditation technique that has been lost to humanity and rediscovered by Gotama the Buddha more than 2500 years ago?  The benefits of  learning something that I could take into my life that will make what I am already doing better. I already had a meditation practice before learning Vipassana. Now I feel I have gained the ability to sit much longer than the  30 minutes a day I was used to, I am not totally dependent on my iphone or a sound track and I can meditate anywhere, which to me is more practical. To me it seems that now that I went to a Vipassana course I can now say I am learning how to meditate FOR REAL lol. And now that I know more about Vipassana and have gained the experience in practicing it I sit twice a day to maintain my practice and :

develop a discipline of working toward increased present awareness and humility, reducing my ego.
deal with the challenges in my daily life activities and let them pass me by without getting so attached to them…