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The Tour dates are sealed

Yep seems like the dates have been gathered and the road map obtained. Check out the shows section of the website to find out more details on the dates and places around this darn country the Falldown Crew will be exploring for moments in time. Please plan on staying with me and the rest of the crew each step of the way. . .

The Falldown tour emerges!

There is a tour going down that I am happy to be a part of. It will consist of my homies Bisc One, Broke, Domer and Trick as well as myself. This is the run down thus far>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Fri, April 8: Baltimore - friday (Opening for KRS-0ne)
Sat, April 9: Charleston, SC
Sun, April 10: ??
Mon April 11: ??
Tues April 12: possibly ATL
Wed April 13: possibly ATL
Thu April 14: go to the beach and do some fishing.
Fri April 15: Sarasota or Tampa - FL w/ Science Non Fiction ( (friday)
Sat April 16: Gainsville, FL
Sun April 17: Haul ass home

Should be a dope experience. I will try and get footage for the behind the scenes lovers out there. Other than that see ya on the road. KRS-ONE!! Science non Fiction!! woah!!

A successful Willpowa Resoulution!

This Friday the Willpowa Resoulution 2nd Edition took place at Asterisk and boy was it a huge success!! I can't thank you enough if you were a part of this night in any way big or small. Thank you thank you thank you. It magically came together with the right people and the right attitudes and optimism. What a positive night. It was a staple in what I intend on doing and pursuing in my future. So the best is yet to come. Much love to all who supported this event. Be on the look out for video of the night in general and on Voom Satelite television as well.

The first Willpowa Resoulution Showcase of 2005

Well it looks to me like another Asterisk party is going down in Williamsburg. This time around there has been a gathering of a supreme team of musicians, djs, and artist to set the night off as hip hop musicial extravaganza. You have no idea what you are going to be missing if you don't make this one. Lets just say if you do miss out you will end up seeing it on T.V. later on any way. March 18th Willpowa is presenting the first showcase designed as a musical play with a constant flow of artist rocking back to back with themes that tie us all together. The one theme running through all of our veins is that we all had the "Willpowa" to form together and be here in the present moment in order to share our music with you. Willpowa Resoulution 2005 Flyer

Willpowa Theory meets Trevor Day School

Man oh man. I just woke up from a most interesting experience. Yesterday I started my day bright and early at 4:30am to head to the Trevor Day School in the upper west side. My homey Rob has allowed me to formulate a Willpowa curriculum with him and his kids. The result was a class filled with love and laughter in the name of Hip Hop and its elements. Not only was the class such a rewarding experience to share with the youth about hip hop and the true essense of it from my standpoint but the entire day left me exhausted with joy from all of the creative projects that were flowing in the other classes and with the school as a whole. It was such a day and I got footage of it all and pictures that will be available on my new website launching March 7th 2007. Look at the Willpowa Theory and course Curriculum