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Default: the Student Loan Documentary (Broadcast Version)

Alfred Korzybski - The World is NOT an Illusion

You now have Something2do

All 13 Episodes of the #TimFerriss Experiment launch today on...

All 13 Episodes of the #TimFerriss Experiment launch today on iTunes! I’m going to binge watch these tonight. #tfx
from Tumblr

The Sacred Science - Drama Documentary Adventure [USA] full film

5 Sneak Peaks into the GREEN EXPO NYC

Today is the last day at the Green EXPO. Here are a 5 sneak peaks of what you may find at this wonderful Green Festival   

Don't Stop The Music Lyrics

Don't Stop the Music
By Undakova

Don't stop the music
Just let if fulfill your destiny
The reason I choose it
Because it just feels so good to me
Don't want to abuse it
Because in the end it will set you free
So don't the music
So don't stop the music,
the music, the music

Open your ears
this beat had me choking in tears
Thinking back
To how they to smoke in the stairs
Tapping bottoms of them forties
when they opened them beers
On the corner of my block
I use to joke with my peers
Maan most of us there
Straight broke and we cared
That maybe one day
We'll see the light and hoped it appeared
But folks disappeared
We're not on the path together
Like we ain't the same kids who use to laugh together
Guess those times don't last forever
Guess who ever told me they did
figured they'd gas my head up
Our past endeavors will always be that which lets us
see how far we have come now that we have perspective
From the times that have passed since our last collect…


Even more of the reason to watch what you consume these days. Wake up people. "They don't really care about us"

Why we fight

Myths of Mankind The Mahabharata Ancient History Documentary

As Above So Below Part 1

Photoblog- My New York Natural Habitat

Went to Market in lower west side of Manhattan where more than 60 of the best local plant-based, cruelty-free and eco-friendly businesses gathered. I got there right when it was ending because I was roaming around on bike. Here is a brief photo blog of what I experienced other than the market.

Mark Zuckerberg: Building the Facebook Empire

[BBC Space Documentary] BLACK HOLES - WHAT ARE THEY - New Science Docume...

Now is the Time "Wisdom" Undakova Instrumentals Vol 1 of 9

Now is the Time
By Undakova

Now is the Time
By Undakova

Now is the time that I am calling on courage
Now is the time that I go deep inside
Now is the time that I don't feel I am selfish
Now is the time that we need our pride

Now is the time that it is great to be human
Now is the time that we all come alive
Now is the time that we know what we're doing
Now is the time that we all shall thrive

You see the love you receive is not the love that you read about
Nature designed you and me to breath in and out
You could pretend you don’t need all the oxygen from leaves
and the forest and its trees and could be without
the air and habitats of greens can’t be weeded out
and all beings on this planet is what we about
at first I didn’t understand I was freaking out
thought we would destroy this promised land That we dreamed about

But then I seen my doubts
And then I realized that I had to redefine my mind deep beneath my scalp
IT ain’t an easy route
But if i wanted to live in perfect h…

Ancient Knowledge Pt.1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusio...

Ancient Knowledge Pt.2 Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, ...

Ring Of Power (Full Length Documentary)

KNARF® New York / MCA DAY Breakdancing Buddhist Monks

Life is Such Song lyrics and video

Life is Such

Life is Such  By Undakova How’d I get here in the first place
Got me feeling like I am living in the rat race
when you moving through the city it's a fast pace
doesn’t matter if you had good or bad grades
If you ask me
Cause every day is another lesson into class, race,
gender, religion, that a leave you with a bad state 
of mind but I had to trust and to have faith
that the music that I made would give me that grace
And spread a message that I know would lift me past space
and time cause I am beyond what the maps say
So every time I spit a verse its everlasting
I channel with my energy and fill with passion
So I can live a life in peace that I've imagined
Don’t need your suffering, your headaches or your aspirin
just some time to contemplate to make it happen
Cause every moment is getting better than it has been

When it seems hopeless to focus through the commotion
I am open to being spoken to from higher beings
and seeing signs

Cause the path that been chose…

Society Trap - Joe Rogan

Ken Robinson on Flourishing

Care About Us Instrumental


1st Week- Instrumental Beats Volume 1 of 9

Click to
"Care About Us" "Wisdom"- Instrumental Beats  Volume 1 of 9
Thank you for subscribing to the UNDAKOVA Weekly Instrumental. I know you have been waiting patiently to get started on our first journey of "Wisdom" together.

No matter how far we are apart you can always Click the link to download your instrumental and we will be on the same vibration.

It's been a long time since we connected face to face so this weekly email can be our way of sharing our wisdom and our insight.

You are very wise and it is my hopes that this music can help you take time to reflect on your experiences past present and future. Maybe you can even write lyrics to it.

As you know I already wrote lyrics to this track called "Care About Us." But there will be several beats coming to your inbox that I just recently wrote to or haven't even began writing to. So you are sort of in my creative think tank :)

What inspires me is where America, human…

Gigapixels of Andromeda [4K]

Ancient Discoveries Mega Structures Of The Deep -