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Unkova the Lesson: Don't give what you can't give #undakovafreestyle- Video

2 simple ways to gain the love you deserve- Ebook

How can I get the love and attention I deserve for your being my highest and most authentic self?
It is important to take stock of our subconscious, hidden desires, and intentions. Keeping them hidden from your view with denial is what keeps them fully charged up and having power over your Mojo.

Way #1 Manage your power wisely. Learn how to safely recharge your body, mind and spirit by Balancing your ChakrasLearn the importance of sleep for your body.Don't tamper with your Mojo or use it for ill will.Cultivate the seed within you that enables you to be agent of the divine.Keep a daily track of how much Mojo you put out in comparison to how much is coming in.Give yourself the intimacy and love you deserve but subconsciously seek from othersEnjoy and recharge by taking a retreat in nature to come back to your center.Stay home and do something creative for yourself (ie have a dance party, paint, listen to some high vibrational music, watch a good documentary,). My favorite is taking …

Seed the Next Dream Beat- Event

Seed the Next Dream Beat: 
Aries Fire Starter

Friday April 5, 7-10 in NYC

Dream Beat is a contemporary wellness party ritual drawing together creative radicals, visionaries and those who wish to connect to the divinity found in the mind, sacred arts & nature.

Co-led by Undakova & High Prieztezz Or Nah plus rotating featured artists, our Dream Beat events will allow you to collectively practice holistic techniques designed to cultivate strength of mind and body, clarity of vision and total heart expansion.

This month's ritual falls on a New Moon in Aries "The Fire Starter"... the Warrior ... and we're back at the start of the Zodiac. Time to get your Mars energy on and get to it. Shout your powers from the room tops.

Tix are 1/2 off thru March 31stGET TiX

How to take your Art to a more Radical State-Event

1-Month Wellness Immersive for Radical Creatives 
ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS residency opportunity in NYC for modern day mystics  APPLY

Time to Travel - Event

Walking barefoot everywhere GOOD AZZ PRANAHip Hop YogaReturning to the ecstatic roots of religion with the homies Or Nah & UNDAKOVA.
YO! Yogi come join us on the magical, crystalline sands of juicy Thailand for the JuneHip Hop Yoga Retreat Learn to rap in sacred circle drop out the rat race and get right, our planet needs your navel power & Authentic
Self-ExpressionL E A R N ≖‿≖ M O R E

✨💜 Your Dreams are becoming your Reality 🙅🌙- Ezine