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Hip Hop Yoga at Karst UK

"Bringing our Hip Hop Yoga workshop led by Undakova & High Prieztezz Or Nah to KARST UK was such a dream come true. Integrating all parts of ourselves, making our ancient knowledge contemporary, breathing wellness into education and the Arts! Thanks so much to everyone that made I AM MY OWN PRIMAL PARENT curated by Katie Cercone a M A G i C A L reality !"- High Prieztezz Or_Nah
Photos by Dom Moore, Courtesy KARST

Move Beyond Your Grief

The Hip Hop Yoga Experience for Earth Warriors


Fri, October 26, 2018 8-11PM  Zenchai Matcha Cafe 94 Rivington Street NYC A note from one of our current Students at the Mystery Skool:

"Hunter's Moon known also as the Travelers Moon, and the Blood Moon. Now is the time when the animals of the forest are at their fattest, livestock is prepared for slaughter, the last of the harvest is canned, preserved, and stored for the cold months ahead. It is also the time of the hunt, and a time for gathering the last of the herbs and roots, before the ground freezes. Throughout history, this has been a time when the needs of the collective are more important than the needs of the individuals. It was the time when all walks of people would come together for survival; both physical and spiritually – so we share our mutual blessings and we offer praises and prayers for those in our extended circle. You may find yourself feeling highly intuitive and certainly m…

Undakova at @Karst Gallery in Plymouth England-VIDEO

I AM MY OWN PRIMAL PARENT! 💭🌀⭕️👅 ... it’s been a pleasure to work with such an inspiring group of radical creatives weaving the web & living art as life... 
Katie Cercone cried tears for the artworks in this show as curator and vouched for these amazing women and men to share to our peeps across the pond where the Mayflower left its shores. Blessed times. 
Undakova Jaguar Mary X Lotte Karlsen Adehla Lee & Greem Jellyfish ... & many participating artists back in NYC ... 

Artwork: Adehla Lee “Serial Mom” photo courtesy KARST UK Big thank you to the Man Carl Slater & his impressive team

♎👑 Justice, Honor, and Trust 💜🌈-EZINE