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I love Hip Hop Yoga

#WAKEUP I just woke up to a blessed reflection about our very own Hip Hop Yogi Suwana check out her Tai Rap video in the link below.

"Hey fam, I know a lot of us are dreaming up our plans for the year and I thought I'd put this amazing opportunity on your radar..
Yo! Yogi is a 10 day hip hop/ yoga retreat in Why Nam (best Thai beach spot i've been to hehe) and it is an amazing and transformative experience! I went last year and it really did shift my existence. I am happy to share more if you want to hear my story!
For me, it was so powerful to unplug from technology for 10 days and really pour into myself/ tap in. Get still, open up, get real with myself.. connect with the beautiful people and earth around me. We had a beautiful yoga session every day as well as connective, raw hip hop workshops in the afternoons. Plus, other cool lil things like labirynth meditations, tarot readings, ecstatic dance, body clay rituals, etc.
David and Katie, aka Undakova and Or Nah are humble, wise, and inspiring leaders. I love how balanced the retreat felt. One moment we are spittin wisdom over breakfast, the next we are laughing like kids in the ocean. (Speaking of kids, these two created the cutest child I have ever met and just baring witness to him is worth the price of admission
😂) There was also plenty of time for me to go on lil solo adventures and honor whatever it was I needed in the moment. Plus dope food, amazing swimming, etc etc etc u guys already know Thailand is amazing.
This was the first retreat I'd gone to and I am so glad it was this one! Like I said, the balance is amazing. And you really choose what you want for yourself. You can use technology if you want, connect with other non-retreat travelers etc if you want. Choose your own adventure! I hope to see you there
😊 please reach out if your interested!" is here too.

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