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knows if you are real fan then you would read this

you have been in support of me for a long time. We shared loving moments and a few laughs as we've grown. But we have grown a bit distant right? As time moved on no longer have our dreams coincided as they once did in our past. Maybe your wish for me and my success has not quite yet been fulfilled whatever it might be. SO WHAT? You are still in the UNDAKOVA Fan page and guess what? I am going to still keep hollaring at you and letting you know what the deal is presently. And hopefully before the rest of the friggin world knows you will have known through this page and our connection! ya got that?!! hahaha. So check it you BEAUTIFUL BEING YOU!

I am on some Willpowa ish. ( I have been for a while. Its making me crazy and an underground nerd all the time but hopefully it will prove to help more people than myself in the near future.

Also I am having a little gathering of artist and creative minds on Saturday August 1st after my BIRTHDAY July 31st. (birthday wishes…

19' Life Altering Hip Hop Albums of 96'

In no particular order here are the albums on 1996 that changed my life. Actually I am bumping Nas "It was written" while I type this. But with out further or due here are the albums.

Undakova's Life Altering Hip Hop Albums of 96
The Fugees- The Score
Jay Z- Reasonable Doubt
The Roots- Illadelph Halflife
Mobb Deep- Hell on Earth
Busta Rhymes-The Coming
De La Soul- The Stakes it High
Exhibit- At the speed of Life
2 Pac- All eyes on Me
2 Pac- Makevelli
Dr Octagon- Dr Octagonecologyst
Snoop Dogg- The Dogfather
Keith Murray- Enigma
M.O.P- Firing Squad
Ghost Face- Iron Man
Akinyele- Put it in your mouth
Lil Kim- Hardcore
Red Man- Muddy Waters
Ras Kass- Soul on Ice
Nas- It was written

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