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Millionaire Mind Affirmations for 2009's Turbulent Times

I am declaring it Financial Freedom February and a Millionaire Mind Month. That means that it is the month where we not only focus on the love in our lives, are grateful for our loving planet who nurtures us, but we give attention to our love for financial freedom and the joy it brings us as we can live the lifestyle we choose to live and give to those we choose to give freely and with ease. In honor of Financial Freedom February I am contributing these affirmations which I obtained from T. Harv Eker's A Millionaire Mind Intensive. Here they go.

Affirmations from "secrets of the millionaire mind"

I release all subconscious barriers to financial and personal success
I am an excellent money manager
I always pay myself first
I put money into my financial freedom fund every day
My money works hard for me and makes me more and more money
I earn enough passive income to pay for my desired lifestyle
I am financially free. I work because I choose to, not because I have to
My part-time b…

7 Reasons why becoming a member of Beat365 rocks.

As you already might know I go by the alias Undakova (Undercover) and I am beat maker, DJ and MC here in NYC. I have been producing hip hop beats since the 90s and have produced my own hip hop instrumentals for my album created here in New York City. I often get asked by R & B artist and MCs "Can you produce some beats for my album?"

One day the question popped up in my head "Where does an artist find great sounding Hip hop, r&b and rap beats that sound so good you play them in your car for fun as well as record song after song with them?" If an artist doesn't have a friend or business partner who is a producer or know how to/ want to produce beats on there own spare time (which can take a lot of time and money) where does he/she find a complete collection of hip hop beats? Well the answer is simple. . . . To find Hip hop, r&b and rap beats that sound so good you play them in your car for fun as well as record song after song with them go to Beats365…

Review of The Book of Chakra Healing by Liz Simpson

Liz Simpson's the book of Chakra Healing is an amazing addition to your yoga, feng shui, healing or other spiritual practices. Its mainly a charting system of each of the 7 main chakra's. It combines crystal, aroma therapy, yoga, affirmations, color and space arrangement and other peaceful means of creating and going through transitions of development. I have had this book for two years now and have given it away twice only to continue my knowledge of the chakra system by purchasing it again. Today marks the beginning week of affirmations from the Sacral Chakra for me. Each week I focus on another chakra. The Sacral affirmations from this book are:

Affirmations of the Sacral Chakra


I am moving toward a time when I am totally happy and fulfilled. Life offers me everything I need for that journey.

I am worthy of love and sexual pleasure.

I have a right to express my desires to others and myself.

Life is unfolding as it should.

I am prepared to honor my body and feel good abo…

A car that runs 200 miles on compressed air.

I love the internet. Why? Well just about anything you can imagine might exist in the world usually can be verified that it does on Youtube haha.
I personally thought this video was nice and can't wait to bring this information back to the office this monday. We have several long discussions about "who stole the electric car?" and "Car company bailouts." The air car is like dropping a flipping flopping fish back in its water bowl aaaaahhh relief. Lets bring our natural habitat back to balance and think smart and efficiently in the up and coming years. I hope this information finds you in good spirits. Please leave a comment on your thoughts on the air car below. Peace

Changing Your Mood

Hey my neyba. I was just reminded about the power we have to alter our existence today. Here I am in my stark white cubicle this morning feeling tired. Yes I would have liked to get more sleep last night but that wasn't even the end of it. Bad hair day, co-worker constantly telling stories of events out loud with tons of curse words in them, (not sure why he was explaining how he survived several gruesome car accidents), and so on. Let's just say I was attracting various types of unsatisfactory types of circumstances. The thought came in my head that "I am tired"
So what happened next. Well I remembered I had an ipod with some positive music on it. I made the choice to put it on and begin listening to some instrumentals I use to love from when I was much younger. Although they were good the still had reminded me of a negative time due to the profanity and vulgar words that I began remembering where on the songs. I schose to switch the playlist and begin playi…

The 10 New Year commandments

These are the new year commandments I have gathered for myself and for you if you would like to take any of them for yourself and your life. And they go. . .

Thou shall be compassionate and patient with thyself

Thou shall eat healthy and exercise frequently

Thou shall be impeccable with your word

Thou shall build on a Financial Plan daily

Thou shall not take anything personally

Thou shall meditate 5 hours a week

Thou shall not make assumptions

Thou shall be a problem solver

Thou shall always do your best

Thou shall stay positive

Hope you enjoyed the 10 commandments for the year of 09. Thou shall now rest. . . See ya tomorrow and through out 09

New Years Day

So today is 1/1/09! So far so good. Do you see that the sun is shining bright? I just did some yoga. Wow I was seriously neglecting the body for a while. Glad to speak to my body and gently get the hint that I must keep at it for optimal health. Doing yoga from home is great. When was the last time you did some yoga?

Online I checked out the web podcast from and took some hits from there. I also added some moves I learned from my Bikram Yoga LES practice. It was great because I added some music too.

On can see the songs I played today during the time of my yoga session and then I got into some other songs too. I am going to start using Ilike to update you on some of the songs I frequent and love. A lot of them I should be guilty of playing but hey in the 09 I can only be me right?

Anyhow hope you enjoy the rest of your new years day. Speak to you later.