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Dairy? 2016 This has to stop. For me and whomever understands the truth.

Positive Thinking

"The person who sends out positive thoughts activates the world around him positively and draws back to himself positive results." — Norman Vincent Peale:minister and author and a progenitor of "positive thinking".

Help me OBI Wan you are my only hope.

MELTDOWN: My stomach is crinched, my eyes are partly watery, and I have goose bumps on my arms. That moment where you think you are special but you are really just a fixture in another persons fantasy that has been running along in their mind body and soul way before you were even thought about lol. I am so silly.
Don't get me wrong I am not the victim. I am just on my twin flame bulls#$% again smh. I can only attract what I am. Knowing the whole truth helps in my evolution as I co create reality. But after this meditation the truth has surged through my mind and body in such lucid and real ways I can sense it like never before. The dreams, the thoughts . . . is the subconscious mind not just as real and able to creating our every day experiences?
When i was in meditation I saw every face of every girl I ever been with or thought about sleeping with. Because of my desire for sex that I try to keep hidden from my conscious mind but which is now blown wide open. . .a…

UNDAKOVA is a Bad Dancer

Music by Undakova "Faith" video by Razor Productions #TeamNoRegrets from David Williams on Vimeo.

RaZor Productions says "We saw Yoko Ono's Bad Dancer video and hatched the idea to remake/reimagine it with all our crazy friends and start a MOVEMENT to get people everywhere inspired to dance...

Now get out there with your bad dancing self, boogie down, and use #TeamNoRegrets
to join the conversation.

Anunnaki and Ancient Hidden Technology

While this may seem like a long video, it is a wonderful synopsis and you will be grateful for all of Michael Tellinger's efforts. Ancient knowledge