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3 of the Best Music Sites I know created by good people

hi again. Its me reporting to you from the unda-world. I got another undakova secret for ya. Today it dawned on me that I not only know three amazing websites that I can share but I know the people who designed them and they are genuine, innovative, and pioneers. Still with these gentlement the best is yet to come and I would love for you to get a look at these 3 websites and check them out before they become the next best thing since Twitter for the genre of music, hip hop, underground culture, independent and industry buzz, as well as socializing and entertainment.

The 3 websites are Roshmond aka SUM KID is the west coast connection, emcee, and ship captain of the He brings a monthly video update that is full of the latest tips on how as an independent artist life can be easier, more lucrative, and productive. The Good Look dot net not only is good information for independent artist it also brings those who aren't full time artist together closer w…

My bad. I didn't send out your y5o CD to you did I?

My apology goes out to Julian, Danny Santos (Happy Belated), Jeanie, Stella, Sierra, Illana Levine, Andrew Hur and my cousin Joi Bug. Also to Netta for receiving a y5o CD that didn't work. ooh as bad as that all sounds please be assured that I am not that much of a dooshbag and some people did get there CDs. Also my heart is in the right place. I do want you to have one of the coolest CDs I ever was of a part of. . . a true piece of my life.

But yes the truth is I am having no luck when it comes to being efficient about my mail out to you all. And my CD is low budget anyhow hahaha not sure if it was supposed to be such a grand gesture. For real I wrote on it with a sharpie marker. I thought it would be a nice thing for you to receive as a personal gift from me to you. Problem is I didn't drop it in the mail and today is the deadline before Mercury goes Retrograde and has its way with communications and mail etc. See your local astrology site for details on what happens when …