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Last chance to GET DOWN

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Hello Tumblr
Music helps us channel the power to transcend our fears and worries and create something of value with them. Listen to this instrumental called “Look around” ( . I am going to eventually write to it for an album called “Health” that I am manifesting. But for now I am tongue tied during this mercury retrograde and am in a state of channelling and learning more. So for now here is a link to the instrumental without the words here… Look around (
Tomorrow we GET DOWN at Cielo ( and I will shake my worries aside knowing that when I am relaxed and confident solut…

Crochade Quotes: Make the most of Yourself

How to enjoy your ugly

by Tasha Blank

Today’s an important day, friends!
It’s the one you’re living in, it’s the one you’ve got to work with, and it’s all you need.

If I had a dollar for every time I disavowed my work, body, art, social skills (I was the kid who cried when strangers talked to her), relationships, ETC - giving up on them because they didn’t match the ideal version living in my head - I’d have so many freaking dollars.

I keep seeing my friends do this to themselves, too. Either we write off our creations because they’re messy and “too” far away from what we think they should be, or we just waste a lot of time between the moment we generate an exciting idea and the moment we finally execute it optimally wishing the hard part would be over and we could magically arrive at perfection.
Nothing works like this
The messiness isn’t just unavoidable, it’s also a necessary part of the creative process

We need a certain amount of chaos to innovate.
If we’re going to arrive at a new way of looking at the world …

Crochade Quotes: A Happy Person

What's Good? Artist Ashram #BlessedTimes