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Showing posts from April, 2005

Undakova begins learning to look at the moon for balance.

Well I am slowly gaining my balance once again. Traveling can leave you a bit unmotivated once you get back home. I figured Id fight it by writing down many goals and working hard but somewhere along the lines I became too motivated and excited to move ahead and hit a dead end when I got a unexpected technical problem with my computer. Forced me to settle down and stop working and thinking and planning. That situation then forced me stop, pause and look out at the beautiful full moon and fall back. I am here again.

Undakova returns from Hip Hop Tour

Well I am back now. The tour went well and I was able to not only open for KRS One but freestyle on stage with him and get my B.D.P. record signed by the legend himself. Upon arrival back in NYC I got to spin at the new monday hotspot Pink Elephant as well as catch up in many ways to the New York fast pace of living. More to come for sure.

Sin Sin Off the Head Game Show Battle features Undakova

Thank you to all those that supported Undakova in the official "Off the Head Freestyle Battle at Sin Sin Monday night." Making it to the final round, and drawing a tie for so long (over 3 rounds), was a big confidence booster and a great deal of fun. Much love to the champion Utkarsh (thanks for taking it easy on me ha :)). See ya at the next one. Much love to my homegirl Devorah who came to NYC from Philly, and entered me in the battle. Shouts to Bisc 1, Milk Mizzy, Robin Andre , Anne, Dan and Amber as well and of course Illspoken Mariella and the XO Band. Thats love