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Undakova Vs July 5th

Well here I am in the Willpowa Center after Djing at Swift for 4th of July. The city was kinda slow and quiet tonight. We had some rain and some misty times. Tomorrow is another day. I will be meeting with Lin and speaking with Layton. Two extremely important souls in my life and in the life-span of Willpowa. I am sure you will be hearing more about the contributions they have brought to the table. Anyhow I am staying vague on future plans for now and just enjoying the moment. Set up some morning yoga with a fellow waitress at the bar tonight. I am going to learn a new style of yoga called Vinyasa. I should be heading off to bed now. I am just reading up on the Reason Propellerhead website for tips on production. Yup I am taking it serious once again. My occupation will no longer be Creative motivator of Willpowa but DJ/Producer and Publisher known as David Williams. The Willpowa thing was going well but as far as income and speed goes it needs a boost from me focussing on my trade. I…