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ORDER is my 2019 #Wordoftheyear

I just chose the weirdest #wordoftheyear ever. ORDER. kikiki. It sprung from my desire to educate, share and market what I do. Actually it is something that I've taken on before in the past but stopped doing because I had to become more practical and told myself that no one cared. 

But what I realized over time is that I cared (and a few new peeps do as well). I don't want what I have to say to be discounted. I deserve to share my beliefs no matter if they are meaningless to others because they help fortify what I know to have helped me.

So whether I publish a blog about why I love bath's so much or publish a song about "Ganesha helping to Overcome All Obstacles" I will continue to publish on a timely and consistent basis in order. 

2017 my wordoftheyear was TRUST, which helped me settle into my relationship and travel with my partner and son when we had no funds but only ideas for our talents.
2018 was SECURE which helped me settle into my financial stability and kn…

Honour others and honour yourself with your sacred vision. -Ezine


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♏πŸ’œHonour the divine feminine πŸ™πŸŒˆ- Ezine