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Corporate America- Wisdom "Undakova Instrumentals Volume 1 of 9"

Corporate America By Undakova Corporate America
By Undakova

Corporate America
Bright and Shiny
Clean Cut interrupts
Your daily program
No Man understands
Why they love us
Nation Under God
No one above us

I see how the game changed a lot kid.
Money quotas and profits
More people download this try to cop it
Computers and fiber optics
Causing a major stock lift the price of shares sky rockets
But what is affecting my pockets
Is when they ban free Napster with no answers to why they stopped it
Cause artist can’t live off of props kid
You can’t buy a cheese burger with “Yo that rhyme is hot kid”
The industry is on some pop ish
Every time I turn on the radio
I hear the same dang topics
Don’t get it twisted I aint’ trying to knock it
But if I hear rolex watches again then I am a drop kick
The next man, leave his head in the sand like ostrich
Grab mics and turn dead crowds into the mash pits
I am warning ya so proceed real cautious
Kova spit sick y’all could all get nauseous 

Corporate America
Bright and Shiny
Clean Cut in…

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