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Multipass, Mindspray, The Oscars and Williamsburg

I would like to thank all who came out this Sunday despite the Oscars or work on Monday. (Was it the FREE Beer!! ha) Its 9:50am and I still haven't slept yet from the night. Much love and definitely a great deal of good energy out there in Brooklyn. Phew. I wish I could list everyone whose presence I appreciated but you all know who you are. Lets spread that toward each and everyone we encounter. "MULTIPASS" thank you for Rocking East River Bar along with Williamsburg's finest MINDSPRAY. This month and chapter in the Willpowa Resoulution is coming to a close.

its now LIVE365

I just added a whole stack of exclusive instrumentals, unheard songs, and beats from drum and bass to hip hop to the web. You can hear it on my new radio station. When my FREE trial subscription expires I will most likely continue to keep my music online somewhere else. But check it while its hot.

Ain't no JIVE

I was just at Jive Records the other day and I noticed it was a coincidence how "Mr Chappelle" was on the flat screen TV while I was waiting briefly for my friend at Jive. It seems I now have an opportunity to hand in some of my instrumental tracks and music to be shopped through a very nice AnR at the label. I am also in the process of signing two licensing deals for 3 songs off of the Collective album. One is toward compilation called Real Earth which will be distributed world wide. The other is toward an independent film called "Just another romantic Wrestling comedy." Lastly I am signing some music toward a company called Myxer that changes your music into Ringtones. This as well as other break throughs in the works should be decided and coming to a close by months end.

Dave Chappelle at XR Bar?

There were several strange, rare moments and highlights in XR bar tonight. (when I walked in tonight my boss was hammered lol) Not like this makes me cool or anything but tonight one of those rare moments happened to be Dave Chappelle walking in and chilling as I was playing George Michael "Freedom" haha. Dave is definitely down to earth. He commented on my Fela Kuti and thanked me for supporting Michael Jackson when I played him. The other moments consisted of watching several heads rock out to "Paradise City," "She blinded me with Science" and of course "Hungry Like a wolf" One thing about XR bar I have to admit. Every night is a new and different experience for better of for worst.

What a way to Feng Shui

Today was the first day waking up in my newly redesigned Feng Shui room. I didn't get new stuff I simply spent yesterday rearranging furniture before I hit up XR bar later on that night to DJ. I have to admit its much better now and I like it!! Thank you Feng Shui. I have tons more to move around the entire place and get rid of. "Rome wasn't built over night"