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Complete question and answer of UNDAKOVA

Are you troubled?

Yes I have been troubled deep down. In 2015 stayed up really late at night watching documentaries. My inspiration comes at all hours of the night. I have called in a super vulnerable time of transition and self discovery. " I have so much trouble on my mind. . . refuse to lose" -Public Enemy.

I guess now I am just more aware of my own issues and have been taking more responsibility toward them without much help from others. Not that I am upset that I am alone. But that I am just solely responsible for the life I have now so my troubles are popping up and I am doing my best to gradually accept them.

Also I have a big weakness for sweets and bad food that is killing us here in America. So I am stepping out of the box and making healthier choices for myself and my life despite my environment.

I am practicing gratitude. Reading and counseling with my angel deck of cards which has been fun and inspiring :) Taking walks to a nearby park and taking some time in the grass when I can. Trying to keep as positive as one can in this noisy city where everyone has unlimited ways to mask their pain. I created a pegoda in my bedroom so I can meditate away from the ambient traffic noise. I certainly wish there was more nature around the lower east side of Manhattan so I can go on an unannounced sojourn and clear my thoughts and energy there but there is not many local areas where you can immerse yourself in nature.

Grateful I have all the time I need to put into my own passions of music and communicating through song.

I am guessing you are vegetarian. How long have you been one for?

As far as I can remember I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years. And off and on aspiring vegan. 

What inspired you to become one?
Watching the movie Baraka and realizing how they kill the baby chickens.
Taking Bikram yoga classes for over 200 days straight and realizing what I ate strongly affected how I would feel and practice yoga the next day. Working at Organic Avenue at their first storefront and being able to get the inside scoop on what life would be like if we all had a plant based diet and stopped companies like Monsanto from patenting the seeds of our mother earth. 

Hope your yoga class went well. If this is the last one, then what is next? 
For me yoga will always be a part of my life. Even if I don't take another Bikram yoga class or any other yoga class. I will find ways to do it on my own. I will practice the 8 limbs of yoga as a lifestyle. Including mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises and ahimsa. (non harming living beings etc)

I am glad that you find comfort in your own skin...that's what it's about right?
Yes I have been comfortable in my own skin for some time here in New York. Yoga has taught me to be comfortable in my own body, in my own life's journey and to be aware of my own life's energy and habits of karma. I use to be super confident until about 23 years old. Then I took some pills to clear my acne and became clinically depressed and also had an awakening and saw there was more to me than what was on the surface. I felt I was reborn again to deal with myself and the things that I might want to make better or accept I can't change. I began my own recovery and self discovery. I am grateful for the step back and internalization though because at the rate I was going I would have never penetrated this deeper meaning to my existence and been even more superficial than I already was and thought nothing about it.

Ok, your talents and ability are extensive. Remind me again, are you still DJing or have you stopped that?
I stopped DJing at Bars and doing what normal DJs do.
I now DJ my own self produced music as well as remixes of music that I appreciated in my normal DJing sets over the years. I host and emcee New Moon Gatherings and other wellness events. I am a DJ for hire for private events that need a specialty DJ. My main focus is working on my many talents besides DJing that I am still passionate about.

Maybe they can send you over here to DJ (just for the trip because i know you don't want to DJ too much anymore)??
Wow thank you for the offer to come and experience your world. I take you up on it for certain. Life is too short to not see your neck of the woods. 

Are you still pursuing your graphics business?
Appsolute Roosters?!  Yes its a good business for me to pursue but right now my focus in music.

What did you do to inspire artists?
Well I came up with a theory that I thought would assist them in collaborating and flourishing in their music careers called the Willpowa Theory. But eventually my friend and brother Self Suffice talked me out of it and recommended that I just focus on UNDAKOVA and my own career. And I had to agree because supporting other artist can be tricky to pay the bills, rent an office, and keep track of in this fast pace city. I was almost going mad trying to develop my theory into a workable business model that actually helped artist in a unique way, and that was also taking away from my own art and career. 

In recent times I showed independent artist some of the pathways that I took that helped me and others take my art more seriously. Such as signing up to a performance rights organization like ASCAP as a singer songwriter. Performing my own music and showcasing my talents at open mics and local events.  Creating music that isn't mainstream centered to show artist that they can be do and have whatever they feel inspired to create not what the mainstream media says is popular. 

Have you found someone else to support your musical talents?
I did find a friend who has managed artist to help me stay the course. Brett of Monumental Management. If it wasn't for him I would have been relying on my girlfriend to give me the push and motivation I needed to stay on course. And although that seemed like a good plan at first it turned very sour once we became deeper involved as partners. As of now I am self motivated and by the fanships of close friends like you. Also artist like Heidi D, Khaiim Kelly, Judy, and other supporters of Undakova Music.

If that means that some people may leave your life as a result then so be it. You can keep doing what you do and please the world but are you being true to yourself?

My goal is to be at peace and bring healing and

What is your ultimate "happy place” ?
I once had a "happy place" of the thought that I could make music that would help heal myself, the planet, and all people and I could do it remotely from the beach and distribute it to anyone looking to gain it. 

You write such connecting words and are very connected to the spirit world  but I was wondering how that worked with your dj work. Do you find it a conflicting situation?
Djing in bars became something we tried with the "SWAAG Saturday" events but that quickly became a conflict of interest because we had to cater to the drinking crowd. SO I created my own events called New Moon/Full Moon gatherings. This is where I can create a space that is aligned with my beliefs about health and wellness and spirituality and practice my ability to heal others through sound and word. 

Need your help to understand...when you guys say "word" what does that exactly mean??
in general I think it means "i agree and understood"
I sometimes say "word life" as a way of saying that is a universal truth that I get and I agree with. Its almost like saying "wow you spoke your truth and I have heard your words”

So tell me about your that a big part of your life? 
I learned over the course of time and finally come to a practice called Vipassana. is where you can find out more about this meditation. Perhaps they have a center in where you live.

How long have you been in NY for? 
I have been in New York since 1978. I have attached some distinct images of my home environment which is mostly of all I have known since birth.

Why do they say it is the city that never sleeps?
For me it is because yes there is always construction going on in the city. And I live right next to the high way and bridges so you can always tell the city is never sleeping. Therefor I stay up late nights inspired to create and share with a world that is forever moving and progressing so that we find our true purpose and align with what is our truest nature in this concrete jungle.

So with your sleeping patterns, do you actually get to rest? If you go to bed so late, how many hours are you sleeping?
Hmm Night owl by nature. I guess I have been known to stay up by nature really late rather than wake up really early. It's definitely not as grand as waking up early most times. I still get 8 hours of sleep. I guess I am to accept it as it is. I am sure it will change in due time especially with acceptance :)

Ever thought of moving to a quieter city?
I have certainly thought about moving to another city before. Especially because I sleep here with ear plugs and always dreamed of being somewhere immersed in nature. I am very fortunate to live here in this apartment it is a rare find in New York. If it were to go up to the market rate for this location, the amenities such as the balcony view, maintenance crew, security and safety of the neighborhood, and apartment size I would easily be paying 3 times higher in price. So it would be foolish to pass up what I already have.

Every time I've gone there, I've stayed at airbnb's and it's been the most expensive part of my stay. Isn't that why most people live in Jersey?
 Yes most people live in the outer Burroughs which are more reasonable for the amount of space and quality of living you gain.

I'm sure you will reach a point when you will move to your tranquil destination. If you could, where would you choose to go?
I am not sure. I haven't been to enough places to know for sure what my preference would be and am still undecided. There is no place like home. New York City. I may just have to leave in the winters.

Why is it that when you have all the time in the world, everything slows down and it speeds up when you are completely busy??
Time doesn't really exist. It is all perception from the way our brains associate our reality with a sense of time. 

So to support you further, can you let me know if I buy your music, do you ship out an actual cd or is it downloaded like an itunes track?
Besides eating my favorite food "nuts and cranberries" living a purpose driven life that benefits me but also brings love and happiness to you is the utmost sustainability. 

You can find undakova music on itunes yes. My best Instrumental CD to date is available for shipping physically to your neck of the woods by clicking the the image below.

 Click here to buy album

So I have looked at purchasing the CD. I think it would be good to have an actual however I do have a question- by placing my card details there, is it fairly safe??
If you do not want to purchase the CD using the link above. You can send the payment to my email undakova (at) through Paypal. Paypal is a reputable company that is safe for your credit card information and address to go so I can send you the physical CD to you. 

I also am selling downloadable copies on my website by clicking the link below.

Undakova: "Wisdom" Undakova Instrumentals Vol 1 of 9

Thank you kindly through inspiration we made it happen. Thank you for asking me to show up.

What is it that you want to achieve?
I know my ultimate goal is to be able to travel around the world performing my original music, to sell my music independently without a record deal. and to be able to give back to my community with schooling and workshops that help young people express themselves and live healthy.  

So id say to be financially free. To build quality relationships surrounding a strong foundation of self love, nurturing myself. To committed to my career as singer and song writer. To remain focused on my life  purpose as a healer and to be recognized and respected for my unique talents and gifts.

But what is it that you are struggling with right now, that you want to fix or solve? What is keeping you up at night?
Maintaining my business online and writing my song lyrics

Besides your music, what else have you been involved in?
I have been a DJ for more than 10 years and that has spawned into many realms of what I Djed. The latest was Djing disco music primarily. I am a singer and song writer. I am a certified kid yoga instructor and have taught young kids how to do yoga postures and be mindful through games and exercises. I am not an app guru but I took a course about app development as a project manager and partnered with a company called Bizness Apps based where I helped design apps for small businesses. I started my own graphic design company called Appsolute Roosters. By the way I do all my graphic design because I went to Laguardia High School for the performing arts and was an art major art. I am involved in a lot of things and have been emailing and networking with like minded people in New York for over ten years. I once had a company whose mission was to empower artist to follow their dreams. It was called Willpowa. And I have had a friend Self Suffice who I rhymed with since we were 14 where I first came up with the name Undakova who over the years has inspired me to follow through with being an MC and spread my brand of music as far as my wildest dreams. I was at the party we met at because it was formulated by MIDEM which is a company that holds a networking event in Cannes France every year which I went to in 2004 that encompasses every publishing, broadcasting, tech, and notable company that is in the business of music. So I guess I have been into networking for some time as well.

How much time do you devote to your music at the moment?

I understand that creating music is your passion. What's your ultimate goal with that?
To be self sufficent.

Do you want to sell cd's, perform, get record deals?

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