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7 Figure Secrets

Hola peoples,

Here is the lowdown...

Back in February of 2007, Mike Filsaime held a secret Private Workshop at an undisclosed location.

Over 100 people paid $5000 for the Workshop.

He then took those DVD's (Which now sell for $1297) and sold it out in record fashion in under 7 days to 2500 people. Since then... over 3000 people have paid for that information.

The success stories that followed have changed the face of Internet Marketing.

(Filsaime, along with his 37 Staff Members, will do $10,000,000 this year in sales and is credited with showing other marketers how to grow a 7 figure Business.)
SO what?!

Ok so this is why I am even talking about this at all.

A) I like Mike and the information he provides for what I am up to in life.

B) Mike hired an Internet Marketing Expert and Copywriter (That also attended the event.) Paid this "TOP GUN" $25,000 to watch all 16 DVD's of "The 7 Figure Code" and condense it into a Masterpiece...


An 85 Page report, no…

What is Twhirl?

Ok so its been a few month of being involved in twittering. Yes I have been on Twitter since January I believe and I have about 530 followers and have made several tweets which go directly to my facebook status which I love. So basically I have been using twitter to be a connection to making status's that not only go to facebook but can be on the twitter public timeline as well as in several widgets that are attached to my blog and even myspace. I guess its say for me social networking has been a focus in the new year. But it gets better. . .even better. I am about to try Twhirl. You know what Twhirl is? oh man so why didn't you tell me? Oh oh you don't know what it is? Well its a desktop application (which might be shady) that allows you to organize your twitter experience in a huge way. They even have more of these desktop appliciations available by other names. Tweet Deck and some others probably exist too. So anyhow it was a decision between Tweet deck and Twhirl for m…

Tips on keeping your phone secure.

Today I wanted to express something that has been of interest this month since I lost my blackberry curve on the train. That is correct? you heard right? I lost my phone. . . and guess what? A generous and kind young new yorker who assists the world by working with an organization to develop housing and programs for the homeless emailed me and returned my phone immediately. Yes I was certainly lucky he was so thoughtful and kind.
I was also fortunate because I was able to get his emails and his calls through my new phone which was an Iphone replacement. Anyway my point in saying all this about phones is. Phones come and go and they are only getting cooler and more a part of our personal lives. What happens when we lose these phones or they get into the wrong hands? Does our personal lives go with it? Usually that is the case. So this post is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones stay safe in these technological times where anything can happen and anyone can find you via Twitt…

No Love Lost

No Love Lost
By Undakova
Now I don't want to make to choice
Its just to hard to break it off
We should let nature take its course
So in the end there's no love lost
No love lost repeat 3x

They say its better to love than never loved at all
but does that apply for me and you
I guess it does
Was it a worth while experience
I guess it was
Just because
I never thought it happen to me
it happened so naturally
I happen to be in the wrong place at the right time
I caught the wrong face with the right line
Opposites attract
or is it love is type blind
you might find connection in this lifetime
As for me
I'll be doing quite find
And I am thinking that is its best to keep moving without you
I doubt you would understand
Probably wondering if I fall in love again
The truth is every day I am discovering
In the end all you'll be is another friend

Now I don't want to make to choice
Its just to hard to break it off
We should let nature take its course
So in the end there's no love lost
No love …

Lyrics from the song "Alive"

Come on
Take a walk through this
Mainframe of this corporate forte-urous (Fortress)
Same game just fame is what they offer us
Its all corrupt don't let your thoughts adjust

To the television sets
Cause they forcing us
To lose all that's sacred and its costing us
We cruise the hatrix like morpheus
With out a clue in this world what's in store for us

Who knows what its all because
But they say its for my own protection
And the war on drugs

So we live in sections
Eyes all on us

Like George Orwell
1984 on us

Man listen
I am trying to make decisions logically
Cause the forty acres and a mule that they promised me

Is a dream only we could make true
SO what I am saying to you is. . . .


ASCAP copyright 2002
Let me know what you think of the song "Alive" Featuring JD of Hip Hop Karaoke, Undakova, and R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.

I am about to say the G-WORD right now. . . .




what?!?!? Who? Who did it? Where? WHHHHYYY?

I will tell you all about it in this brief update but first let me explain what gentrification is by using an excerpt from Tom Wetzel's 2004 article on the G-Word itself.

"In other times and places an inflow of investment fuels gentrification. Upscale condos are erected, houses are rehabbed. Candle-lit restaurants and stores catering to people with higher incomes displace bodegas and used appliance stores. Rents rise as landlords realize they can attract professionals and business people as tenants. An area of "valuable city real estate" is being cleansed of its working class residents."

There was no question in my mind that Brooklyn's Infamous Coney Island is on its way to G-Land. A disney style amusement park with a neighborhood of tourist attractions to match. Sounds great right? Yeah sure if you are an ATM. If you are the Asian, Russian, Black and other minori…

Who is following you right now. . .

Turns out that being a stalker has become cool. These days if you are following more than 500,000 people you are part of an elite group of folks such as Internet Marketers, Brands, Companies and Government officials. Well what do I mean when I say following? Well I mean on Twitter of course. Some my "Digg" ( some may "add as friends"(myspace,facebook) and some may "become a fan of" ( but on twitter we follow to hear your latest tweets. The more people you follow the more tweets you hear, the more tweets are heard by you, the more influence you have they say. But don't take my word for it. Do your own research on Twitter or check out this Free Twitter Report and know more "twitter secrets". From what I have noticed even my daily newspaper AM NEW YORK wants me to "follow them on twitter" Perhaps so they can follow me and communicate better with their readers. Who else is interested in the follow phase we a…

What is the biggest question you have. . .

about any random thing, fact, habit, or goal of mine? This is the question I came up with for Financial Freedom February. It was inspired by a thread going around on Facebook that called "25 Random Things About Me." I was tagged in this thread and expected to not only write 25 random things about myself but to re-tag the person who tagged me and 25 other people. Awesome way to get to know more about people right? Its amazing how we are using technology these days to bring presence and humanity into our lives. I mean we are going to be on the computer most of the time so why not add a bit of our human experience into the equation haha. Anyway here are the 25 random things I dared to put on line. Enjoy em and of course if you have any questions after you get to number 25 you'll know what to do then.

Maybe too personal or embarrassing for some:
1.The longest time I did not ejaculate recently was for 5 months straight.
2.I don't mind peeing while I sit on the toilet, usua…